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5 Reasons To Choose Solid Brass & Bronze Door Knobs for Your Home

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Antique door knobs have become very popular within the past several years. Whether you own an older home and want to authenticate the look by providing newer vintage-looking replacements or you simply want to give a brand new home that classic look, brass and bronze are the way to go. Solid brass and bronze door hardware is an elegant way to update what already exists in your home and enables you to create beautiful themes throughout your residence. Below are five reasons why choosing these door knobs for your home would be a good idea.

Reason One 

Brass and bronze door knobs make great conversation pieces. No matter the age of your home, visitors will no doubt agree that these beautiful pieces are appropriate anywhere and will want to know where you purchased them.

Georgian Rope Door Hardware

Georgian Rope Door Hardware

Reason Two 

Brass and bronze door knobs are very durable. There is no telling how many times each door in your home is opened and closed each day. Each time a doorknob is used it creates wear and tear on the hardware of the door and over time the doorknob will fall apart thus rendering it unusable. By choose brass and bronze hardware you are making a very durable selection capable of withstanding many uses. This will equate to fewer replacements over time.

Bronze Door Hardware

Bronze Door Hardware

Reason Three

Brass and bronze door knobs come in a variety of shapes and styles. When choosing these vintage knobs you will find there are many choices to help you properly accessorize your home. You can have a lot of fun choosing which types of door knobs to install where and may just find yourself turning each room into a unique sanctuary of its own.

Floral Style Antique Door Knob

Floral Style Antique Door Knob

Reason Four 

Vintage brass and bronze door knobs aren’t as expensive as the originals. When making any type of home renovation, price can make or break a particular theme. While you can still find the originals out there, these newer vintage models are much easier to find and more cost-effective to use. Sometimes cost can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the completion of such a project.

Satin Nickel Style Door Hardware

Satin Nickel Style Door Hardware

Reason Five

Solid brass and bronze door knobs make timeless additions to any home. They can be used to supplement any décor and can also be fitted to a wide variety of doors, thus making them the practical choice for rooms and homes of all types. Try them and see how much character they will add to your entire residence.

Look In The Attic & Co

Look In The Attic & Co

Bonus Reason

LookInTheAttic & Company sells a wide variety of both Solid Brass and Solid Bronze door hardware – and they stand behind their product. They offer free advice, free shipping and can provide you with a free quote. Check them out online or call them Toll Free 877 544 9887. You can also see them in Romantic Homes Magazine and they have been featured in This Old House, Better Homes and Gardens, Cottages and Bungalows and South Sound magazines.


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