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French Style Push Plate

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This piece is a beauty! We found this brass French Style push plate while we were in Chicago, just like the last piece. This one came from a different home. Well, not even a home. It was found in an old barn belonging to a house just outside of Chicago. The homeowners had just bought the property, and were looking to sell the barn and everything in it. This one was wrapped up and tucked away – a great find.

Fleur Back Plate

Fleur Back Plate

There was so much stuff piled in there! Boxes and boxes of just things, in no particular order, precariously stacked throughout the barn; it had clearly been there awhile, and who knows what we were going to find. Lo and behold, we found exactly what we were looking for right inside the door; a whole stack of antique hardware!

As we started digging through, we realized we had hit a goldmine. I can’t wait to highlight all of these pieces with you, but let’s start with this one first. This solid brass piece was actually found just like you see it. We didn’t have to do any polishing up or anything. All we did was wipe off a few decades of dust and use a bit of elbow grease, and it was shining like it is today.

We’ll deconstruct this piece, make a mold out of every little bit, and re-cast it in bronze and brass again – perhaps also in black iron. The beauty of this piece is just too nice to use a different material. We’ll still offer this with a couple of different finishes, like we do with all bronze pieces because people like the look of various patina. We will also need a handle for it – perhaps we will find it in Ohio or Pennsylvania – as we continue the roadtrip to save America’s past.

Re-making these items is a very tedious and time consuming process, as we don’t want to do any damage to the original. So bear with us, and in about a 8 months to a year, give or take, we’ll have this beauty for sale!

I’m going to go sort through what is left and see what other treasures we’ve discovered for you!


Written by antiqueswriter

September 17, 2010 at 1:52 pm

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