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Cathedral Window Style Door Plate

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Man I love my job – this is so much fun – finding America’s history. Another great find from the West Virginia church yard sale! This is the backdrop for our recently featured Iron Cross Door Knob piece.  Yes, I realize they are made of two different metals, but hey, that wasn’t our decision!

Bronze Door Plate

Bronze Door Plate

Regardless of that minor detail, they blend beautifully and add a touch of mystery when combined.  The title of this piece is the best description we could possibly come up with.  It’s really more of an artist’s interpretation of the church windows from whence it came.  It was clearly crafted just for that building; it’s a perfect miniature of the windows, complete with framing. 

Many people may not have originally realized that this door plate is bronze, since it has developed a patina over the surface.  In fact, the only area you can truly see the bronze itself is wear it has been covered up by the door knob for years. 

Cathedral Window Style Door Plate

We will hold true to the original design and re-cast this in bronze.  Being the creative individuals we are, we will also make a piece in copper, as well as cast iron so that it may coordinate with the door knob of your choosing, especially with the Iron Cross door knob

There is plenty of room for a modern locking mechanism on this piece as well, making it ideal for anywhere from a front door to an office door.  If you are not interested in installing a lock, it will still be a wonderful conversation piece.  The door plate’s classic style more than makes up for any missing element. 

The best part about this piece is that it is such a unique shape that it will appeal to any style or personality type.  It will camouflage itself if you don’t want it to stand out, or will be a conversation piece in an otherwise simply decorated room.   It’s a chameleon piece!


Written by antiqueswriter

October 18, 2010 at 5:28 pm

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