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Summer Check Up

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Summer is steaming along, and those projects that were fresh and exciting back in the planning stages this spring have either been accomplished or are regrettably foundering. We know how it is: you set out determined that this is the “Year of the Yard!” Your landscape, patio, porch or entry will speak volumes about you, presenting a delightfully soothing vista for all who visit. Instead, that “to do” list lingers.

Let us help you with a few quick beautification options for your yard and garden. One way to add an instant pop of color is to place one of our planters at your front door or on your patio, filled to the brim with cheerful annuals. We offer a wide variety of planters and pots to accommodate  your decorating tastes. From rustic to refined, you’ll find what you need at our website. Below are just a few of our offerings, all made of the finest materials.


15 Inch Porcelain Earthenware Pots Planter

15 Inch Porcelain Earthenware Pots Planter


14 1/2 Inch Porcelain Amber Crackle Planter

14 1/2 Inch Porcelain Amber Crackle Planter



10 Inch Porcelain Fruit and Cherub Planter

10 Inch Porcelain Fruit and Cherub Planter


If you’re looking for something more adventurous to add to your landscape, consider one of our attractive and unique copper weather vanes as an addition to your outdoor living spaces. No longer just for mounting to the roof line or your farm house or barn, the eye catching statement pieces are found in many yards, secured on a post, fence line or other creative display venues. Available in polished or weathered finishes, the choices we offer may appeal to your whimsical nature or remind you of simpler times. Enjoy the preview offered here:

53 Inch Tall Copper Eagle Weathervane in a Polished Copper Finish

53 Inch Tall Copper Eagle Weathervane in a Polished Copper Finish


53 Inch Tall Copper Sailboat Weathervane  in a Weathered Copper Finish

53 Inch Tall Copper Sailboat Weathervane in a Weathered Copper Finish


Don’t throw in the towel on your summer curb appeal projects! You can still have the outdoor living spaces that will be the envy of the neighborhood, with a little help from Look in the Attic & Company.



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July 10, 2013 at 11:43 pm

Through The Window -Selections in Hardware for Your Windows

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I remember, I remember
The house where I was born,
The little window where the sun
Came peeping in at morn:
It never came a minute too soon
Nor brought too long a day.

                                               ~Thomas Hood


Rectangular Georgian Roped Solid Brass Sash Pull (Polished Brass)

Windows are funny little things, or big things, depending upon construction and edifice. Most are functional, utilitarian in nature, serving a purpose and for the most part going unappreciated. Granted, occasionally we come upon a breathtaking stained glass window, a large landscape revealing plate glass wall, or a tiny adorable notion of an opening with rippled panes of glass. But, the usual window is a standard affair.

Here at Look in the Attic & Company, we aim to help you take your mundane window and dress it up a bit. The sash locks and pulls we offer provide you with the rich details needed to make your windows a striking feature in your home. We offer a variety of styles to match your period restoration or to enhance your contemporary construction. Take a look at these examples, then visit our website for even more. You’ll find the sash accessories to complete your windows with style and charm.

Eastlake Solid Brass Window Lock in Polished Brass.


Art Deco Style Window Sash Lock in Japanned Style Finish


Broken Leaf Solid Brass Sash Pull in Antique Brass Finish

He jests at scars that never felt a wound.
But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.

~William Shakespeare

The Personal Touch

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Home is not only where the heart is, but it is the place that best reflects our interests, passions and personality. Our refuge from the world, it is that place where not only are we soothed, but we hope to convey to others a warm welcoming environment indicative of who we are. At Look in the Attic & Company, our hardware products help you achieve a look that is as unique and individual as you. The assortment of cabinet pulls we offer is always growing, but below are a few of our favorites.

For the lover of all things Western, horses, boots, and revolvers all can be mounted to your cabinetry.

horse boot


Western themed knobs and pulls for the cowboys and cowgirls


Wild animals roam through your home when you install the new series we have created, featuring giraffes, rhinos, elephants and more.

giraffe rhino elephant

 Our new wild animal knobs


And for those who hold a beloved pet in high esteem, we have manufactured a line of knobs replicating popular dog breeds. Labradors, beagles, German shepherds, and dachshund knobs all provide a bit of whimsy and speak to the dog lover out there.


german lab dach

Knobs to celebrate our favorite breeds of dogs

No matter what type of hardware it is you’re looking for to provide that personal touch, come view our selection at Look in the Attic & Company for excellent choices. We are constantly adding to our collection and would love to provide you with just the right cabinet pull to proclaim to the world your individuality.

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May 22, 2013 at 11:15 pm

The Gatsby Glamour

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17 Inch Art Deco Close to Ceiling Light with Polished Chrome Finish and Pink Champagne Glass

Here at Look in the Attic & Company, we anxiously awaited the movie release of the Art Deco Classic, The Great Gatsby. Perhaps you anticipated the film from the literary standpoint of a great American classic novel, but we couldn’t wait for the cinematic release, which promised to be a lush portrayal of the glamour and glitz of the Art Deco Age. And we are here to say, we were not disappointed!


17 Inch Art Deco Close to Ceiling Light with Polished Chrome Finish and Green Deco Glass

Lighting was a key element in setting the mood and style of the movie. At Look in the Attic & Company, our Art Deco lighting is an accurate reflection of the elegance and craftsmanship of the time period. Our featured Art Deco light is a 17 Inch Close to Ceiling Light, in a circa 1936 style, hand crafted from zinc using the Lost Wax casting method. The light comes with seven Pink Champagne stained glass panels, is made from solid brass construction and weighs approximately 12.5 pounds.  Each chandelier has seven custom made stained glass panels with color choices including Shadeless, White Opalescent, Pink Champagne (shown), Tan Swirl and Deco Green.

There were so many beautiful details in the movie, watching it once was not enough. No matter how many times you watch, we hope you feel inspired to bring a little Art Deco glamour into your home.


17 Inch Art Deco Close to Ceiling Light with Polished Chrome Finish and White Opalescent Glass

A Warm Welcome

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     Your front door is the welcome you present to all who approach your home. Colorful, traditional, quirky or grand, your style speaks to the world and beckons visitors to enter. Have you taken the time lately to study the message your front door is sending?

After a long brutal winter, your front entry may be showing the effects of weather through rust, tarnish, fading paint or dead plants. With warmer temperatures and sunny days ahead, take time to evaluate your entryway so it shines this spring. Here at Look in the Attic & Company, we have everything you need to dress this area up and welcome your guests in style.

First consider the paint. If the color is fading, or you’re ready for a change, liven up your door with a fresh coat of paint to get this project underway. Many homes feature traditional colors for entry doors, but lately, more personalized and unique door colors seem to be a trend.

Once the paint is dry, continue the updates with new entryway hardware. This traditional oval single-door deadbolt entryway set in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish provides an old-world elegance to your entry and is simple to install.  We offer this complete set with tubular latch mechanisms, strike plates, complete knob sets, internal mechanisms, deadbolts and all mounting hardware. Everything you need for a successful installation is included.


Traditional Oval Single-Door Deadbolt Entryway Set

Next, add new house numbers for easy recognition of your street address. This often overlooked detail is attractive and makes your house stand out. The house number shown is made in solid brass and measures 6 inches tall. This durable solid brass casting comes complete with the mounting hardware and is available in Polished Brass (Shown), Antique Brass, Weathered Flat Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze.


6 Inch Tall Number 1 in Polished Brass

     In addition to those updates, consider adding a new kick plate as well.  Kick plates are a simple eye catching way to make your front entry stand out.  Our kick plates come in a variety of finishes and heights. Our smallest plate is a non-standard 5 inches tall, with a width that can range from 27 to 42 inches. Our largest plate is a substantial 10 inches in height and a width range of 28 to 42 inches. Finishes for the plates offered include Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Antique Nickel, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and more.

Lastly, complete your project with an elegant planter filled with colorful annuals. Look in the Attic & Company provides many choices for that finishing touch as well. We offer an assortment of planters in a variety of colors and styles to festoon your entryway in beautiful blooms. Below are just a few samples of our colorful planters.


Porcelain Floral Planter – Measures 17 Inches Tall with an Antique Bronze Finish Metal Base.

     These featured improvements will declare a warm welcome to friends and neighbors. Let Look in the Attic & Company help with your front entry spring clean up for beautiful and lasting home improvements.

Craftsman Mail Slots

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     If you have ever seen a Craftsman style home you can appreciate all of the hard work and thought that goes into decorating them and making sure that every last detail is perfect.  One of these details that is often overlooked on other styles of homes is the mail slot.  While these usually aren’t installed as functional pieces any more, they still add a special touch that makes the front door seem a little more finished and inviting as opposed to being a solid piece that can often seem cold and uninviting.

The oil-rubbed bronze variety of finish is most popular for a craftsman style decor.


     The Craftsman style does not have an intricately decorated feel to it.  Instead, the focus is on how various pieces are created, and using materials and craftsman that are local rather than using a mass-marketed piece.  The simple four square cutout design found in each corner adds just enough detail to make the piece distinguishable from any mass produced items.  Since they are hand forged and decorated it is almost expected that each piece be slightly different than the next with no two exactly alike.  The ability to let these flaws occur and appreciate them rather than turn your nose up at them sets the Craftsman style apart from many other different architectural styles.  Some of the homes that utilize these mail slots actually do have them installed as functional pieces. This craftsman/mission style mail slot is perfect for craftmen or mission style homes. The simple design lends itself to this style which focused on the quality of hand craftsmanship over perfection in design.


     These pieces are available in the oil rubbed bronze, antique brass and polished brass and come in two different sizes.  It is important that you measure your current mail slot before ordering to ensure that you get the right size piece for your door.  Oil rubbed bronze is the most popular choice when it comes to hardware and decorating a Craftsman style house, and really makes a huge statement that the polished brass cannot.  All necessary mounting hardware is included in the purchase of these pieces.

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August 29, 2011 at 8:29 am

Mission Revival and Craftsman Drawer Pulls

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     The Mission Revival Style was an architectural movement that began in the late 19th century for a colonial style’s revivalism and reinterpretation, which drew inspiration from the late 18th and early 19th century Spanish missions in California.  The  movement enjoyed its greatest popularity between 1890 and 1915, through numerous residential, commercial, and institutional structures, particularly with schools and railroad depots, that used this easily recognizable architectural style.

    The Mission Revival style is often lumped in with the Craftsman style, and for good reason.  Not only do the two styles overlap one another, but they are also very similar in style and inspiration.  Both styles embraced very simplistic styles and made their main focus was using local materials and artists to create various pieces of hardware and furniture.

     These styles of homes embrace the Craftsman philosophy completely.  Since these styles of homes have generated a very strong following it is quite easy to find a variety of different hardware options to help the homeowners maintain the Craftsman philosophy.  While some homeowners focus on the structure itself many others put their efforts into the furniture and hardware of the home to make sure it all fits in the Craftsman style.

     The choices people have for drawer hardware is extensive, and narrowing it down by architectural style doesn’t make that much of a dent in the options, especially with these styles.  The most common choices for drawer pulls are very simple ring designs.  The plusses for this option is that they can help convert any simple piece of furniture into more of a Craftsman style quite easily, and look great on any piece.


There are many different finishes available as well, and no one finish looks better than another because of the simplicity of it, and they blend with each other quite nicely.  This means you can have one room with primarily polished brass accents and another with oil rubbed bronze or chrome.  The different finishes can give very different impressions allowing an even further expression of a person’s personality.  All of the drawer pulls include the mounting hardware, making it a quick and easy upgrade to any room in your home.

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August 23, 2011 at 8:29 am