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Solid Bronze Door Plate – Old School

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Another great find from that last great yard sale!  Who knew people could bear to part with such valuable objects?  They can always rest assured that the originals are safe with us – and our mission is to bring back America’s past. So, we know that this piece looks a little plain, but just stop and think a minute about how gorgeous this is to set off a fancy antique doorknob. In fact, the beauty of this piece is in the lack of detail. It is a simple double route edge – and for our history buffs – does this remind you of anything? The word Colonial comes to mind. 

Simple Bronze Door Plate

Simple Bronze Door Plate

This solid brass door plate is perfectly suited to showcase any doorknob, from a simple, basic model to the most lavish, decorative one.  Its clean lines and very minute details make it a staple piece in any home.  Whether you need a simple piece to adorn a closet door, or want something more decorative for say a master bedroom, this versatile unit is exactly what you are looking for. Personally, I believe this plate is well suited for an interior door set – and it seems to match the old mail-slot/entryway combo we showed you about a weekago. I like the simple design, feel and weight of this piece.

We still have a multitude of knobs that we are cleaning up from this sale.  The homeowner said that each and every one had been showcased in the home at some point, and that the previous owner had been a little eccentric; it seems that she changed the doorknobs in her house every six months. We love eccentric!  They said she didn’t have a lot of money, but still wanted to freshen up the place from time to time, so she used what she had.  She didn’t necessarily go get new ones every time; she would just switch what door they were on.  I think that is why we found a couple of this style of hardware; they were used on most of the doors in the home.

This item will be rescued and recreated in solid bronze.  We already know that it looks gorgeous that way, so why bother doing something different?  Since this is a very simplistic piece, it shouldn’t take us very long to clean it, and the mold should be relatively easy to create as well.  Keep your eye on our website for when it will be available. And as always, we want to be sure our items can be mixed and matched – so we use our standard door spindle and latch system – so you may add any bronze, brass, glass, crystal or porcelain knob you like to this plate. Stay tuned for more!


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September 27, 2010 at 3:12 pm

5 Reasons To Choose Solid Brass & Bronze Door Knobs for Your Home

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Antique door knobs have become very popular within the past several years. Whether you own an older home and want to authenticate the look by providing newer vintage-looking replacements or you simply want to give a brand new home that classic look, brass and bronze are the way to go. Solid brass and bronze door hardware is an elegant way to update what already exists in your home and enables you to create beautiful themes throughout your residence. Below are five reasons why choosing these door knobs for your home would be a good idea.

Reason One 

Brass and bronze door knobs make great conversation pieces. No matter the age of your home, visitors will no doubt agree that these beautiful pieces are appropriate anywhere and will want to know where you purchased them.

Georgian Rope Door Hardware

Georgian Rope Door Hardware

Reason Two 

Brass and bronze door knobs are very durable. There is no telling how many times each door in your home is opened and closed each day. Each time a doorknob is used it creates wear and tear on the hardware of the door and over time the doorknob will fall apart thus rendering it unusable. By choose brass and bronze hardware you are making a very durable selection capable of withstanding many uses. This will equate to fewer replacements over time.

Bronze Door Hardware

Bronze Door Hardware

Reason Three

Brass and bronze door knobs come in a variety of shapes and styles. When choosing these vintage knobs you will find there are many choices to help you properly accessorize your home. You can have a lot of fun choosing which types of door knobs to install where and may just find yourself turning each room into a unique sanctuary of its own.

Floral Style Antique Door Knob

Floral Style Antique Door Knob

Reason Four 

Vintage brass and bronze door knobs aren’t as expensive as the originals. When making any type of home renovation, price can make or break a particular theme. While you can still find the originals out there, these newer vintage models are much easier to find and more cost-effective to use. Sometimes cost can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the completion of such a project.

Satin Nickel Style Door Hardware

Satin Nickel Style Door Hardware

Reason Five

Solid brass and bronze door knobs make timeless additions to any home. They can be used to supplement any décor and can also be fitted to a wide variety of doors, thus making them the practical choice for rooms and homes of all types. Try them and see how much character they will add to your entire residence.

Look In The Attic & Co

Look In The Attic & Co

Bonus Reason

LookInTheAttic & Company sells a wide variety of both Solid Brass and Solid Bronze door hardware – and they stand behind their product. They offer free advice, free shipping and can provide you with a free quote. Check them out online or call them Toll Free 877 544 9887. You can also see them in Romantic Homes Magazine and they have been featured in This Old House, Better Homes and Gardens, Cottages and Bungalows and South Sound magazines.

Neoclassical Architectural Elements

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Solid Brass Lion Door Knocker

Neoclassical (or “new” classical) architecture is exactly what the name suggests, a revival of classic Greek and Roman architecture styles. Revivals became very popular in the early United States and although many different influences appeared during the 18th and 19th centuries, neoclassical was especially prominent and was used for many government buildings. This style of architecture is hallmarked by the use of tall columns, a triangle pediment, symmetrical shapes and frequently a central dome.

The use of neoclassical architecture first appeared during the renaissance when a renewed interest in Greek and Roman architecture emerged. Famous examples of neoclassical design include the White House in Washington D.C and Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello. Neoclassical architecture emphasizes geometric shapes, large scale designs and blank walls. In the United States this style began as a reaction against the Rococo style which feature very ornate designs.

Interior design of homes and buildings attempted to recreate early Roman and Greek decorating styles as well. This included recreate the “frieze” found in and around many of the buildings of that time period. This influence was seen around the world, not just in North America. The influences of different cultures (such as Spanish, English and French) between regions in America can be seen as well within this style.

Neoclassical architecture is important to understand because it is still used for many large projects such as colleges and universities, government buildings and even religious buildings. This impressive scale and history that surround this style make it an appealing choice for architects to use.

LookInTheAttic & Company offers a great selection of period style hardware for the home. Check out great glass doorknob sets, window hardware and other home hardware for your home today!

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February 4, 2010 at 6:48 pm

Ranch Style Architecture

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First developed in California during the late 1920’s, ranch style homes were one of the most popular styles in the United States from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. The ranch style home is reflective of the relaxed Western architectural style. Homes built during this period were typically one story and featured asymmetrical front facades. Although individual homes varied by location and need, most ranch style homes featured attached garages and picture windows.

The interior of most ranch style houses typically is a 2 by 2 or 2 by 4 room layout. In most cases the living room, family room, dining area and kitchens blend together without severe room division. These homes were built to meet the demand of an increasingly growing population (especially in the West). Many suburban neighborhoods are comprised completely of the relatively simple and unadorned houses and are designed to meet the needs of families.

Vassar Glass Dorrknob Set (Brushed Nickel Finish)

The basis of the one story design has roots in Spanish colonial architecture used heavily in from the 17th to the 19th century. These homes also featured one story designs built to meet the need of the inhabitants without extra rooms or unnecessary features and decoration. Architects believed that ranch homes designs should be based on three key features: livability (open floor plans), flexibility (using rooms as needed for whatever purpose the inhabitants choose) and an unpretentious design (simple and casual feel).

Green Square Glass Knob

Although ranch homes declined in popularity because designs were becoming increasingly bland due to cost cutting measures there has been renewed interest in this style recently. The simple design and affordability makes ranch style homes attractive to young couples or families as “starter” homes. Criticism of the design focuses on the lack of individuality in the design.

Ranch style homes offer provide homeowners with the opportunity to decorate in almost any style they choose without being restricted to “period specific” pieces. From Victorian style hardware to contemporary designs these homes allow for an eclectic mix of design styles. LookInTheAttic & Company offers a wide selection of home hardware from cabinet knobs to doorknob sets to window hardware. Update older or damaged hardware with glass, solid brass, pewter or iron to reflect your unique personality and decorating taste. The ranch home is a wonderful opportunity to introduce new and exciting patterns all over the house or create a common theme throughout every room.

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December 4, 2009 at 7:55 pm

Georgian Architecture in the United States (1720-1840)

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Georgian Roped Push Plate

Georgian Roped Push Plate

The Georgian architectural style became popular during the late eighteenth through the mid nineteenth century and it replaced the Baroque architecture that had been popular up to that point. It is a general term for many common themes that were occurring around the world at that time and was named after the English monarchs George I-IV.

One of the most prominent features of Georgian architecture is its focus on proportion and balance. Math was used to determine correct size and placement of windows and other adornments on the building. Symmetry was very important when designing a Georgian style building and a Georgian addition to an earlier architectural style was considered extremely unattractive and flawed. Much of the inspiration for Georgian buildings was derived from Roman and Greek architecture and buildings were traditionally constructed of stone or brick over other materials.

In the United States the principles of Georgian style architecture were combined with neo-Palladian style architecture which created a “Federal Style”. It was used most frequently in middle and upper class homes. Several examples of the influence of Georgian architecture can still be seen today in the United States.

Georgian architecture was replaced slowly with a series of revival movements. Georgian architecture was itself revived and this new style was referred to as “Colonial revival”. Today Georgian style architecture is most frequently used for residential construction only and most commercial properties have abandoned this style completely.

LookInTheAttic & Company offers a wide variety of Georgian and Colonial style hardware and they offer free design assistance and help. Look for balanced and symmetrical patterns and solid brass construction to ensure high quality and durability. The Georgian architectural style is a wonderful theme for any home because it offers a wide variety of patterns that can be introduced inside the home and out.

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November 20, 2009 at 7:46 pm