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Old Glory

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Red, white and blue are easily recognized as the symbolic colors of our county, most visibly on our American flag. But did you know that each of those colors has special meaning? The color red represents hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity, and blue indicates vigilance, perseverance and justice. In honor of Flag Day on June 14, we have pulled a red, white and blue sampling of our products for your traditional decorating styles.

First we present a ruby red glass inverted Thistle pattern serving platter measuring 12 inches in diameter, resting on a round pedestal approximately 1 1/2 inches above table surface. This ruby serving piece would enhance your Fourth of July table scape, but is also a year round treasure for serving at Christmas or Valentine’s Day.


For your restoration or traditional home style needs, we offer a white porcelain dummy door knob finished in brushed nickel Victorian plate. Single dummy glass door knobs consist of a knob on one side of the door. Double dummy styles consist of a knob on both sides of the door. As dummy knobs, these do not turn or operate a latch mechanism. This doorknob set is available in four additional finishes.


Lastly, our cobalt blue glass cabinet knobs are a beauty to behold. These sturdy knobs are individually made from the finest silica glass by professional glassworkers and are available in 2 sizes: 1 ½ inch diameter or 1 ¼ inch diameter.


Visit our website for additional findings in red, white and blue. Show your patriotism, or just find the right item for your home. We aim to please!


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June 9, 2013 at 11:14 pm

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Holy Rusted Door Knocker, Batman!

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Hey look! We’ve found something else that isn’t a drawer pull or door knob to show you! This piece, while it does associate with a door, is one of our less commonly found items. Door knockers used to be extremely popular, and quite necessary but since the invention of the electric door bell, they aren’t used quite as often.

Back in the day, these pieces would be found on nearly every door, even if they did have a buzzer, or bell. When people would call on one another, they may ring the bell that was next to the door, but more commonly would choose to use this less intrusive device. It was particularly popular in families with babies and young children, as it was less likely to wake them up while they were sleeping.

Rusted Door Knocker

Nowadays, these are more commonly used as merely a decorative piece on doors, and are very seldom used. They can most commonly be found on businesses, and some older model homes. There is a new trend starting among builders and homeowners to preserve the classicism that aged homes have provided, complete with antique and replica pieces adorning every possible fixture. While it can’t be said for sure as to whether or not people will actually use items such as door knockers on the homes, they certainly do add a certain touch that cannot be duplicated or replaced.

The possibilities for finishes on this piece are unlimited. Certainly polished brass is the most classic, but we think it would also look stunning in the oiled bronze and cast iron. We’re having a great debate about making a copper piece. While the metal is an absolutely gorgeous choice on some homes, it certainly doesn’t stand up to the elements like others do. Perhaps the patina that develops will still be a nice touch?

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March 23, 2011 at 7:25 pm

Genuine Solid Brass Cabinet Pull – Arrington Estates of Bali

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This brass cabinet pull was salvaged from the kitchens of the J. Arrington Villas and rice plantation in Bali, Indonesia – pretty nice find.  Our acquisition specialists that went to Bali almost were not able to bring this piece back to the U.S., not because of customs issues, rather, because their truck was stolen with some of our best acquisitions still inside.  Luckily, the truck and most of the contents inside were recovered except for their GPS system.

Our team made it home safely after that with quite a haul of brass work such as this brass cabinet pull.  With so many items of hardware from the one haul, one could decorate their entire home with these brass accessories.  This ring pull could be used in any room in the house for any cabinetry or drawers.  Door knockers on every door inside the house might be a little extreme; however, it could definitely be done to add some interesting character to the house.

We are currently looking at other locations across the world that are holding on to unique and well crafted hardware so that we can recreate it for use in our home.  It may be Bali again next week or possible Chicago, Illinois.  You’d be surprised at what treasures are hidden in the nooks and crannies of the world.  We currently have an acquisition team in Sydney, Australia looking over a collection from a family member of an Australian hotel owner.  Some of the best items are found as single pieces, but when you find a collection all together and kept in good condition, it can be a real find.  We are keeping our eyes and ears open to find you the best in custom hardware.

As always, thanks for reading – we appreciate it!

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January 5, 2011 at 5:07 pm

Glass Cabinet Hardware Shapes – What Design to Choose for the Home

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Basic Overview

Not all cabinet knobs are the same – just walking around a local hardware store or searching online will provide the average homeowner with thousands of options to choose from. The best way to begin any search for new cabinet hardware is selecting a material and narrowing down options from that point. Although this will eliminate many unwanted options, it will still have a wide selection available. This article will provide a brief overview of popular shapes and designs available in glass hardware.

The Simple Hexagon (Hexagonal)

The six sided hexagonal knob is perhaps the most basic style and a great option for almost any application. It is an easy to grip six sided style that is available in a wide selection of colors and sizes. The available size option is an important feature because not all cabinets and/or drawers require the same size knob. A standard cabinet or drawer will utilize a 1 ¼ -1 ½ inch knob while a smaller door or drawer could use a 1 inch. Matching pulls are available.

NOTE: These knobs are measured point to point at the widest point of the knob NOT across the face of the knob. If you are attempting to match older hardware sizes with new hardware, keep this point in mind.

The Decorative Decagon

Slightly fancier but still just as wonderful an option the decagon knob is a ten sided design that will provide a slightly more “fluted” glass design. This is especially popular to coordinate with ornate glass doorknobs (especially Victorian style hardware). These knobs are available in a variety of colors as well but are typically offered in only one size. Matching pulls are available.

The Modern Octagon

The octagon glass knob is a classic design that provides a clean look to cabinets and drawers. This eight sided knob comes in two sizes (1 inch and 1 3/8 inches) and offers a limited selection of colors. The advantage of this style of knob is the bolt screws in from behind (the inside of the cabinet) as opposed to a bolt going through the front of the knob and being visible. Octagon glass cabinet knobs and pulls come in several base finishes ranging from Polished Brass to Oil Rubbed Bronze. Matching pulls are available.

Architectural Styles

Branching out and using unusual shapes is a great way to attract extra attention to any kitchen, bathroom or bedroom cabinets and furniture but these styles are typically limited to one size (which varies depending on style) and one color (clear). These styles include swirled glass patters, art deco shapes, nautical themes, floral designs, pumpkin patterns, diamond cut and a variety more. Coordinating pulls are typically not available for these designs.

How to Choose the “Right” Style

Draw from inspiration around the room and use it as a starting point. Glass cabinet hardware can be used to subtly enhance an existing theme, provide accent color or even create a focal point on its own.

Work With Your Existing Pieces:
Example: If your room is decorated with antique Victorian furniture a contemporary knob may look out of place.

Use Color to Your Advantage!
Example: If your room is dominantly white with blue accent hues try introducing blue cabinet knobs and pulls to add to the theme.

No Exact Style?
Example: An eclectic design may be hard to match so using a basic hexagonal or octagon knob can blend in well with many architectural styles – basic patterns will enhance the room rather than fight against it.

Milk Green (Jade) Glass Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

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1 1/4 Inch Jadeite Glass Knob

Milk green glass cabinet knobs and pulls (sometimes referred to as jade or jadeite) are a wonderful way to add a retro or vintage feel to any room or furniture. Milk glass is traditionally is opaque (although opalescent styles exist as well) and can range from white to a wide variety of colors. Milk glass was first created in Venice during the 16th century and although it was originally very ornate in nature the popular Depression glass of the 1930’s through 40’s was known for simple designs.

Glass cabinet knobs are a simple way to add some additional color to otherwise bland cabinets or drawers and accent an existing color theme in any room. Although milk green is produced by several different manufacturers it should be noted that the exact shade of glass can vary slightly. By using glass in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom you can add extra interest without overpowering your design style. It is also a unique way to introduce a retro or vintage feel to the room without creating an “outdated” theme.

Installing new cabinet knobs and pulls in the home (or business) is a relatively simple process. Most standard cabinets use knobs that measure 1 ¼ inches to 1 ½ inches in diameter (smaller knobs are more appropriate for small medicine cabinets or drawers). Standard glass pulls have a three inch center to center mounting distance so it is important to double check any existing mount holes you plan on using during installation. Depending on the style of knobs and pulls they may utilize a front or rear screw mounting system.

Milk Green Barrel Glass Knob

Try a new look this year by replacing older and worn hardware with new glass replacements. Remember that antique glass and new reproduction shades can vary so it may difficult to mix originals with replacements. LookInTheAttic & Company offers a great selection of milk glass knobs and pulls in several colors and styles – they also offer free design assistance and help. Updating your cabinets with a vintage design is a unique twist on modern decorating that offers a whimsical touch with a classic design.

Nickel and Chrome Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

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Solid Brass Ornate French Leaves Pull (Polished Chrome Finish)

Nickel and Chrome cabinet hardware has been a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it is easy to match with most existing hardware (such as faucets) and appliances. Chrome has been popular in the United States since the 1930’s and has remained popular because of its resistance to tarnish. Nickel finishes can vary from polished (shiny) to a brushed (matte) tone and is a nice choice because it does not usually require extra maintenance. Nickel and chrome cabinet knobs offer a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from and can be used to create or enhance your existing decorating theme.

When deciding between nickel and chrome finishes it is important to keep in mind other hardware in the room and create a common theme. Brushed nickel finishes can vary more than polished chrome between manufacturers so it is sometimes more difficult to match individual pieces in this finish (although an exact match is not necessary to create a common theme and varying the colors slightly can add extra interest to a room rather than keeping all of the hardware the same). Brushed (or satin) nickel finishes offer the advantage of being more resistant to showing use (such as fingerprints) or natural wear and tear (like scratches) over time because of the more muted color.

Satin Nickel Infinity Knob

Replacing your existing cabinet knobs and pulls with chrome or nickel knobs offers a great opportunity to update your kitchen and bathroom (or any other room in your house!) with new and exciting patterns and designs. Although sometimes considered more modern or contemporary in nature, chrome and nickel finishes are available in a range of designs from simple to extremely ornate. Simply replacing the knobs can bring a new and fresh look to your home without needing to redecorate the entire house. Introducing polished chrome or nickel doorknob sets and lighting is a great way to further enhance your theme and create a more unified look.

Nickel and Chrome cabinet hardware is a wonderful way to replace your older hardware and create an exciting new look for your home. Search for solid brass construction to ensure high quality and strength and be sure to ask questions. Many cabinet knobs available have coordinating or complementary pulls available as well. LookInTheAttic & Company offers a wide selection of great chrome and nickel knobs as well as doorknob sets, window and home hardware – they also offer free design assistance and help. Choosing new hardware for the home is a fun and creative way to reflect your unique personality in unexpected places.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

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1 1/4 Inch Clear Glass Knob

1 1/4 Inch Clear Glass Knob

Light Blue Glass Barrel Knob

Light Blue Glass Barrel Knob

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in home but it is often overlooked during remodeling or decorating projects in the home. Although the kitchen has only been a feature in the home since the 18th century it serves the valuable purpose of providing an area of the home dedicated to food preparation, storage for dishes cooking utensils and often a social gathering place during informal meetings or casual meals. Prior to this food was cooked over an open fire pit outside and water was brought into the home from an outdoor source such as a well.

Updating your kitchen cabinet knobs is a great way to bring new life to your cabinets and drawers without needing to spend a lot of time or money. Cabinet knobs come in a variety of materials from glass to brass to iron and several finishes so they can be coordinate to other hardware such as faucets and hinges. The size of knob needed depends on the size of the cabinet it will be used on. A good rule of thumb is the larger the door, the larger the knob should be. Most kitchen cabinet and drawer knobs measure between 1 1/4 inches to 1 3/4 inches.

Radiant Leaves Ring Pull

Radiant Leaves Ring Pull

Creating a common theme in your kitchen is a great way to tie the whole kitchen together. This can be accomplished by using the same style cabinet knob and pull throughout the room or by accenting current decorating touches with unique knobs in a variety of shapes. A country style kitchen can be enhanced with pewter chicken or rooster knobs for example or a modern kitchen could utilize stainless steel knobs or geometric shapes to tie other shapes and patterns together in the room. The variety of choices when redecorating the kitchen is extremely wide and gives you the chance to have the kitchen reflect your own unique decorating style.

Kitchen cabinet knobs are a simple way to redecorate and have fun in your kitchen. Introducing colorful glass cabinet knobs is a great way to add new vibrancy to otherwise boring cabinets or ornate brass knobs can fit in well in a formal kitchen with a Victorian theme. The possibilities are endless when it comes to replacing older and worn hardware in the kitchen and around the home. A theme can be further created by replacing old doorknob sets, drawer pulls, hinges and lighting with similar patterns and finishes. Remember that it is not necessary to use the same knob style throughout a room to create a common theme – similar colors and shapes can do this as well.

Cast Iron Bird Cage Knob

Cast Iron Bird Cage Knob

LookInTheAttic & Company offers a wide variety of beautiful kitchen cabinet knobs in a variety of materials, designs and finishes. Look through different finishes and materials (such as glass, pewter or brass) and be sure to ask questions if you are unsure. Choosing new cabinet hardware is a fun and creative way to update your kitchen with little effort.