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Broken Leaf Pattern Pocket Door Hardware

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     The Broken Leaf pattern has long been a popular choice in door hardware, and is exceptionally popular when it comes to pocket doors.  Pocket doors are a great way to make a room feel open while still allowing for privacy when necessary.  While many times these doors remain in their hidden position, many people still find it necessary to provide ample decoration just like with any other door in their home.

broken leaf door pull, polished brass finish

     The broken leaf pattern is intricately detailed, and is available in several different finishes.  It is easy to see that this pattern is best displayed in the antique brass finish, but it still looks fantastic in the polished brass as well as the oiled bronze.  While there are several different options available for pocket door pulls, there are also coordinating push plates available, in addition to pocket door cup style handles.


broken leaf style push plate, antique brass finish

     Whether you want to coordinate with other pieces of hardware in your home or just want to create a statement on your pocket doors, the Broken Leaf pattern is definitely a piece that can do this for you.  The amount of intricate details on each of these pieces adds a special touch to any home, and easily blends in with nearly any style of home décor.

a broken leaf entryway set


     These pieces are available in a multitude of styles, including locking ones, and there are several different ways you can purchase them.  One of the most popular options is to purchase a set that includes door pulls, strike plates, latches, keys (privacy style only) as well as all of the mounting hardware you need to make sure they are securely installed and that the hardware doesn’t create an unwanted statement.


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September 6, 2011 at 8:24 am

Pretty Brass Door Plate

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Woohoo!  We were finally able to go out for a few days and do some real hunting!  We didn’t expect to find too much, seeing how everyone was just starting to come out of hibernation, but we were able to find a few things that we really liked.  Do you remember that guy that really wants us to come out to his place to see all of his stuff?  Well, it’s not from there, but we did find another really cool place!

Don’t worry, we will go out to the other person’s place, he just lives in the middle of nowhere two states away, and he is still mostly cut off from civilization.  Just give us a couple of more weeks, and the weather should allow us to go.  We’ve been in touch, and are planning a road trip out there.  We’ve found a few other places we might stop as well.

brass door plate

This piece came from somewhere we’ve been several times before, but they always seem to have new stuff every time we go there.  It’s one of our favorite places, because it’s so close to us and because they always have one or two really unique items.  This is one of those pieces.

This decorative brass door plate is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.  Usually if you find a door plate with any decoration on it, it will be around the edge since the center of it is the most commonly used and likely to be worn down easily.  Unlike those other pieces, the most elaborate decorations on this one are in the dead center of the piece.  Even more surprising is how much of the details have been perfectly preserved!


What an elegant piece this will make in any home, either as a door plate or a piece of art.  The choice is yours!

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May 9, 2011 at 12:51 pm

Embossed Fleur de Lis Door Knob

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Here is another piece from the same person with the decorative door plate. This piece is far less decorative than the other one that we showed you, but no less beautiful. The techniques for the two pieces are completely different as well, and probably came from relatively the same time period, but this one is probably a little older.

The door plate used a standard mold to create all of the elaborate detail work, similar to the process we will be using to re-create the piece. After the piece is completely cleaned of any dirt or dust particles, we will create a piece out of plaster identical to this one. We will use the plaster mold to create a negative imagine in a silicone type material which will be used to create any replicas. The material we use for the final mold is a special material that is heat resistant up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is necessary so that the molten metal doesn’t melt it.

Fleur de Lis doorknob

This piece on the other other hand using a completely different and more primitive technique, but the outcome can still be quite beautiful. This style of decoration is called embossing and requires time, patience and extreme precision. The design, instead of being carved from the front, is hammered into the wrong side of the metal so that it appears raised on the right side. This technique is often used to show the amount of skill an artist has, as it can be much more difficult and tedious to get all the detail to show through.

When doing embossing work, the artist must make sure to use a hard metal. A more malleable one may be able to hold the design’s shape initially, but over time will relax itself back into a shapeless piece. Bronze and copper are ideal materials for embossing and can create beautiful finished products!

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March 4, 2011 at 9:46 pm

Elaborate Brass Door Knob

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Thank you so much for your patience is us presenting to you the matching door knob in our quest to find unique antiques to share with you!  We know how the suspense was killing you, but come on, you know it was totally worth the wait.  We have finally finished cleaning off some of the dirt and grime that was on this, so here it is!

Can’t you just picture this on the front door of an old Victorian home with the matching door plate?  I can’t even begin to imagine how much something this elaborate may have cost.  You can definitely see that the design is a little worn down from years of use but like we’ve always said, that is bound to happen.

Elaborate Brass Door Knob Front View

There are numerous scratches covering the sides, but fortunately they are not too deep.  What does this mean for you?  Simple; they are less likely to show up when we make the mold, so the replica will be flawless.  Anything that is somewhat deep will have to be filled in and smoothed over so that they do not show through.

As for the worn areas on the top, there is not much that we can do about that.  A true replica will have the same worn features as the original.  If it is extremely worn down, we may try our hand at completely re-creating and carving the piece to create a whole new one.  The only problem with this is that it may not be exactly what the original artist intended it to look like.  We’ll never truly know what exactly they wanted, since they are no longer available to talk to. Since this may contradict the integrity of the piece, we tend to steer away from pieces in this condition so that we can stay true to the artist’s original intention.

Elaborate Brass Door Knob Side View

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November 10, 2010 at 2:37 pm

Elaborate Brass Door Plate

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This is another great find from the California market, a third stall that we found.  Actually, it’s part of a set, but we’re still cleaning up the other piece and will have it up to show you shortly.  Remember how we were talking about how rare it was to find a matching set?  Well we were lucky enough to find one at the flea market; you really can find everything there, no matter the rarity!

This door plate was probably quite expensive, judging by the degree of embellishments on it, and the fact that it is bronze.  Bronze is a much more expensive metal than copper or brass, especially when it is over 100 years old.  People didn’t have money back then like they do today, and definitely don’t spend as much money decorating their homes like in today’s society.  Any time we find a piece as elaborately decorated like this, we can only imagine where it came from.

Antique Brass Door Plate

We absolutely hit the jackpot with this one though.  Not only was it a matching set that we found, but we were also fortunate enough to find out the history behind the pieces.  The people that rented out the stall were an older couple who prided themselves in their antiques, but wanted to get rid of some of the surplus.  They had come into most of them through relatives, and this particular set was the wife’s grandmothers.  She said she remembered it on her grandmother’s front door when she was a little girl.

Her grandmother had married into a wealthy family, and her husband sensing his wife’s love of decorating, allowed her a hefty budget to decorate the home however she liked.  She had splurged on a gorgeous front door, and had chosen this door plate and coordinating door knob to be the crowning jewel for the door.  Sometimes the stories behind the hardware are just as interesting as the hardware itself.

We’ll show you the doorknob very soon, so hang tight!

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November 8, 2010 at 4:19 pm

Copper Doorplate

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This is another beauty from the flea market in California.  This one came from the same neighboring stall as the Flourished Hinge.  This neighboring stall had a lot of copper pieces for sale, from switchplates to statues, and everything in between.  We absolutely love the look of copper, and have a tendency to buy as much of it as we can.  We did find a couple of copper doorknobs that we purchased as well.

Unfortunately while they did have a number of copper pieces, they really didn’t have anything that coordinated with one another.  It is not uncommon for this to happen, but when you can find a complete set of something, it is truly a reason to celebrate

.Copper Doorplate Front View

Fortunately, this is such a gorgeous piece, that a coordinating door knob may be overkill.  A simple copper one would suffice, and really be the perfect finishing touch.  Plain door knobs like that are a dime a dozen, both antiques and replicas.  Many people preferred to spend their money on elaborately decorated items that would be seen, but also wouldn’t get worn down.  This is why you will see quite a few door plates and hinges that remain in good condition, save for needing a good polishing.

Fancy door knobs can be easily found as well, but it is not uncommon to find them with the designs worn down, or covered in dents and scratches.  Since they are the pieces of hardware that are used most often, this is not unusual.  Just think how many times you use a door knob.  Because they were so easily worn down and may have had to be replaced often, only wealthier persons could afford such luxurious items.  Sometimes we are fortunate enough to obtain the history of an item, but the majority of the time we can only speculate.

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November 5, 2010 at 1:48 pm

Gate Style Door Plate

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Here’s another great find from the box of stuff we found at the thrift store.  There were only a few items that weren’t door knobs, and this is one of them.  We don’t often find door plates on our hunts.  It’s not because people don’t use them, they obviously do.  They are either too damaged, or the owners just don’t want to part with them.  Door knobs are much more likely to be replaced.  They are smaller, easy to switch out, and far cheaper than replacing the door plate, locking mechanism, and door knob.

This piece would be beautiful on any door in any house.  It’s clean lines, basic design make it an ideal piece to complement any door knob that you currently own, or may own in the future.  Better yet, the design is so versatile we can re-cast it any metal and it will still look great.

Gate Style Door Plate

I think this piece will do especially well in cast iron.  It helps to increase its versatility and will widen the range of options for ideal placement in any home.  Replacing door plates and door knobs are great ways to add a fresh sense of style to an otherwise bland room.  It’s also a very cheap way to update a room.

We always appreciate finding pieces like this.  It makes it easier to sell them, since they can appeal to a wider audience.  We commented on how well this will do in cast iron, but we also believe it will do really well in copper too.  Bronze will be kind of iffy, even though that’s the original metal used.  It just doesn’t do the piece justice.

We’ll still try it; let us know what you think!

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November 1, 2010 at 6:37 pm