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Dummy Doors

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Previously, we featured some of our beautiful door hardware, but didn’t delve into the types of hardware options we offer. Let’s look a bit more closely at the various types, so that placing your order will be a breeze. In this post, we’ll focus on interior doors only, but will address entryway or exterior doors next.There are four main types of doorknobs to consider when deciding what you need for your home. These descriptions will help you sort out your needs.

First, single dummy knobs consist of a knob only on one side of the door. These would be appropriate for a closet door with a magnetic or ball catch or on a bi-fold door.

single dummy

Solid Brass Round Dummy Door Knob (Georgian Roped Plate Polished Chrome)

The second type of doorknob is the double dummy style, consisting of a knob on each side of the door, but do not turn or operate a latch mechanism. An example of where these might be used would be on french doors.

Passage style knobs are a third type of doorknob we have available. These are a pair of knobs, one on each side of the door, which turn and operate a latch mechanism. These most often are used on closet doors, french doors, or doors that include a separate deadbolt.

Our last option is traditionally used for bedroom and bathroom doors. The privacy style doorknobs turn, latch, and offer a locking mechanism. This type may be unlocked from the outside in an emergency by using a long push pin.

Solid Brass Round Functioning Door Knob (Georgian Roped Plate Polished Chrome)

Whatever your door needs, we offer a wide variety of interior styles. All the types mentioned above are available in a variety of materials and finishes, such as Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze, designed  to match your home decor. Hopefully this information assists you in deciding which doorknobs you need to upgrade your home.


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July 24, 2013 at 10:06 pm

Victorian Porcelain Door Knobs

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     Porcelain door knobs are a gorgeous addition to any home.  The Victorian style that is usually a staple of these pieces is very subtle, allowing them to blend in with the current style of your home, even if it isn’t Victorian in style.  These pieces are the same size as a standard door knob, making them the ideal piece to adorn any door in your home.

     You have your choice of base finish for these knobs.  While polished brass is one of the most popular choices, you can also choose antique brass, polished chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.  We also offer two different knob choices; white or black.  Each knob is constructed out of pure porcelain.  The white knobs add a kind of elegant finish to the doors, while the black makes a much bolder statement.  Porcelain door knobs used to be extremely popular in many homes as an easy way to add an elegant touch to any décor.  It was also a very inexpensive way to do some minor redecorating, and remains the same way today.  Door knobs are easily interchangeable, and with so many finishes available you can easily adapt them to one style, or many different ones depending on how you decorated your home.

A functional knob, black porcelain with a polished brass finish


     Porcelain door knobs are best used inside the house, rather than on the front door.  To keep them in the best shape as long as possible, you may want to refrain from installing them on any door that may be subject to getting hit or has the potential to be damaged.  It is not uncommon for porcelain knobs to become damaged over time, as they are made from a fragile material. While it is extremely rare for them to become shattered, small cracks appearing are commonplace.  These knobs can be purchased singularly or in a double set, and as always any mounting screws necessary are included.

Embossed Fleur de Lis Door Knob

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Here is another piece from the same person with the decorative door plate. This piece is far less decorative than the other one that we showed you, but no less beautiful. The techniques for the two pieces are completely different as well, and probably came from relatively the same time period, but this one is probably a little older.

The door plate used a standard mold to create all of the elaborate detail work, similar to the process we will be using to re-create the piece. After the piece is completely cleaned of any dirt or dust particles, we will create a piece out of plaster identical to this one. We will use the plaster mold to create a negative imagine in a silicone type material which will be used to create any replicas. The material we use for the final mold is a special material that is heat resistant up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is necessary so that the molten metal doesn’t melt it.

Fleur de Lis doorknob

This piece on the other other hand using a completely different and more primitive technique, but the outcome can still be quite beautiful. This style of decoration is called embossing and requires time, patience and extreme precision. The design, instead of being carved from the front, is hammered into the wrong side of the metal so that it appears raised on the right side. This technique is often used to show the amount of skill an artist has, as it can be much more difficult and tedious to get all the detail to show through.

When doing embossing work, the artist must make sure to use a hard metal. A more malleable one may be able to hold the design’s shape initially, but over time will relax itself back into a shapeless piece. Bronze and copper are ideal materials for embossing and can create beautiful finished products!

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March 4, 2011 at 9:46 pm

Charlotte Door Knob

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This piece was given the name for two simple reasons: one, we found it in Charlotte, NC, and two, it reminds me of a spider web.  A very elegant spider web, perhaps woven by the spider Charlotte from the childhood favorite written by E.B. White.  Or a snowflake; it could possibly be a snowflake as well.

Charlotte Door Knob Front View

Regardless of what shape I think it is, the history behind this piece is more important.  We were on our quarterly trip through the Southeastern United States and found a few estate sales in Charlotte.  As my readers probably have realized by now, we love going to estate sales.  You just never know what exactly you are going to find!

This day was no exception.  The former owners really had a lot of stuff.  Not necessarily good things, like antiques and such that collectors jump on immediately; just STUFF.  Boxes and boxes stored all over the house.  Now, at the owner’s defense, the home was nearly two hundred years old, and had had several owners previously.  Most had been from the same family, or were friends of the family.  Since the home was so large, a real classic plantation house, and the residents so few, it was often used as storage for family heirlooms, and things kept piling up.

Charlotte Door Knob Side View

We helped ourselves to about a dozen or so wooden crates that seem to hold many different door knobs, door plates, and hinges.  We got a really good deal on them, and so far have only found a few really exquisite pieces.   We’ll highlight those in the next few pages.

This piece is going to be stripped and molds created so that we can cast it in both copper and bronze.  We are really starting to appreciate and enjoy the look of the copper, even more so than some of the brass pieces we’ve featured!  We know it may never have the same popularity as the other metal, but are hoping to start some sort of trend on our website!

Have really cool hardware you want to sell? Know of some? Contact us at and let’s make a deal.

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October 19, 2010 at 9:10 pm

Finding Craftsman Style Hardware for Your Home

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If a home renovation project is in your near future, you may want to take a close look at the different options available to you. If you live in a house of a particular style you may wish to restore it to its natural appearance. When it comes to replacing door hardware, it can be difficult to find the original pieces still intact. Even when you are able to find them, they are often quite costly. You may be willing to pay the high prices and if so, there is certainly nothing wrong with that but there are options.

Craftsman Switch Plate

Craftsman Switch Plate

Many of the hardware styles of previous eras have remained so popular they are now reproduced. Craftsman Hardware is among these and may be more easily accessible than you think.

Craftsman Mail Slot

Craftsman Mail Slot

Craftsman style hardware possesses specific elements of design that set it apart from almost all other architectural styles. These pieces were hand-made and contained some natural flaws that have become their trademark in terms of appearance. The focus on these qualities emphasized these imperfections and helped make them quite popular. While earlier Victorian hardware was prized for its ornate qualities and near perfections, this style of hardware featured rough finishes and textured patterns all using materials that included hand crafted metal and wood work.

Craftsman Porcelain Doorknob Set

Craftsman Porcelain Doorknob Set

Craftsman style homes can still be seen in America today and are focused on a more efficient design instead of sheer beauty. This is because the families who originally inhabited them were middle class. Here servants would not have been necessary or even affordable and these homes would not have possessed the exquisite qualities of other styles of previous eras.

Craftsman style hardware can be used in a number of areas throughout the home. Door hardware is among its uses and includes a wide variety of door knobs for any room in the home as well as the doors leading to the outside of the residence. This hardware is functional in design while lacking ornate details. It can, however, be an elegant and beautiful addition to any home with patterns that will show unique textures not available on other styles.

Antique Brass Craftsman Set

Antique Brass Craftsman Set

Whether you are renovating your home or just want to add an interesting touch that will set your home apart from the others in your neighborhood, Craftsman style hardware will provide you with many choices. These pieces are easy to come by and will give your home a new look while accentuating and older style that remains unforgotten even today. See LookInTheAttic & Company for a wide variety of Craftsman and Mission style hardware.

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June 16, 2010 at 9:33 pm

5 Reasons To Choose Solid Brass & Bronze Door Knobs for Your Home

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Antique door knobs have become very popular within the past several years. Whether you own an older home and want to authenticate the look by providing newer vintage-looking replacements or you simply want to give a brand new home that classic look, brass and bronze are the way to go. Solid brass and bronze door hardware is an elegant way to update what already exists in your home and enables you to create beautiful themes throughout your residence. Below are five reasons why choosing these door knobs for your home would be a good idea.

Reason One 

Brass and bronze door knobs make great conversation pieces. No matter the age of your home, visitors will no doubt agree that these beautiful pieces are appropriate anywhere and will want to know where you purchased them.

Georgian Rope Door Hardware

Georgian Rope Door Hardware

Reason Two 

Brass and bronze door knobs are very durable. There is no telling how many times each door in your home is opened and closed each day. Each time a doorknob is used it creates wear and tear on the hardware of the door and over time the doorknob will fall apart thus rendering it unusable. By choose brass and bronze hardware you are making a very durable selection capable of withstanding many uses. This will equate to fewer replacements over time.

Bronze Door Hardware

Bronze Door Hardware

Reason Three

Brass and bronze door knobs come in a variety of shapes and styles. When choosing these vintage knobs you will find there are many choices to help you properly accessorize your home. You can have a lot of fun choosing which types of door knobs to install where and may just find yourself turning each room into a unique sanctuary of its own.

Floral Style Antique Door Knob

Floral Style Antique Door Knob

Reason Four 

Vintage brass and bronze door knobs aren’t as expensive as the originals. When making any type of home renovation, price can make or break a particular theme. While you can still find the originals out there, these newer vintage models are much easier to find and more cost-effective to use. Sometimes cost can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the completion of such a project.

Satin Nickel Style Door Hardware

Satin Nickel Style Door Hardware

Reason Five

Solid brass and bronze door knobs make timeless additions to any home. They can be used to supplement any décor and can also be fitted to a wide variety of doors, thus making them the practical choice for rooms and homes of all types. Try them and see how much character they will add to your entire residence.

Look In The Attic & Co

Look In The Attic & Co

Bonus Reason

LookInTheAttic & Company sells a wide variety of both Solid Brass and Solid Bronze door hardware – and they stand behind their product. They offer free advice, free shipping and can provide you with a free quote. Check them out online or call them Toll Free 877 544 9887. You can also see them in Romantic Homes Magazine and they have been featured in This Old House, Better Homes and Gardens, Cottages and Bungalows and South Sound magazines.

Using Antique Porcelain Knobs on Modern Doors – Retrofit Kits

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Installing vintage style or even true antique porcelain doorknobs is a simple task thanks to modern style passage and privacy latches that are made to bridge the gap from old to new. You can easily use old antique knobs on a new and modern door using these tubular style latches. These adaptive latches have been engineered to be used specifically with antique doorknobs with a square rod or spindle – and they work with vintage porcelain, crystal, glass and bronze knobs.

Porcelain Door Hardware

Porcelain door knobs have been around for hundreds of years – and the colors range from a true white (rare) to a metallic black – and most any color in between. Porcelain knobs look great with most any style back plate and can be installed easily and quickly on most any style door.

Porcelain knobs are available for different purposes like a keyed entrance, a locking privacy knob, a functional passage knob or even a dummy knob. Usually, porcelain door knobs come in a complete set and feature a solid brass or bronze shank. Beware of iron shanks as iron is brittle and may cause an issue in the long run. The Rosettes – or back plates – can be found in many finishes including polished brass, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, matte black, polished chrome and brushed nickel.

Porcelain door knobs are generally manufactured by most major brands – and many models come with a warranty. Prices can range from $25 per set up to $65 per set – and in general, you do get what you pay for. LookInTheAttic & Company has a wide array of Porcelain door knobs and door sets available in several colors. They also offer expert opinions and free advice.

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