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Victorian Cup and Bin Pulls

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     Cup and Bin pulls are a great alternative to traditional drawer pulls and dresser hardware.  If you are tired of the annoying ‘knocking’ sound that often accompanies the opening or closing of a dresser drawer with a more traditional style of hardware, think about trying out this style instead.

decorative cup pull - finished in antique brass

     Cup and Bin pulls offer a more elegant and old-fashioned style of hardware decoration, and are ideal for any type of drawer, particularly those found on dressers and desks.  They are very simple and easy to install and can be a wonderful decorative element in any home.  All you need to replace any of these items is a simple screwdriver; we provide the screws and the pulls themselves.

A fine example of Victorian design work with an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

     You have your choice of several different designs.  Each design was carefully created by master craftsman.  While the items themselves are created in a mold, the molds themselves were delicately hand carved to ensure consistency, with every attention to detail carefully examined.  These pulls allow you to exhibit more detail than traditional swinging handles, and are much more durable.

It is easy to see how a well designed pull can breath new life into an otherwise drab piece of furniture.

     The decoration on the cup is very durable and easy to care for.  A simple swipe of a cloth gets rid of any dust, and depending on what finish you choose there is little more care necessary.  Swinging handles, while very common, are also very cheap.  They are rarely made of a solid metal, and the finish has a tendency to wear down over time.  While the decorative backplate of these designs holds up very well, the worn finish on the handles is very noticeable and cannot be easily replaced.  With cup pulls the design is made so well that it rarely wears down, and if it does it is very hard to notice.


Mission Revival and Craftsman Drawer Pulls

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     The Mission Revival Style was an architectural movement that began in the late 19th century for a colonial style’s revivalism and reinterpretation, which drew inspiration from the late 18th and early 19th century Spanish missions in California.  The  movement enjoyed its greatest popularity between 1890 and 1915, through numerous residential, commercial, and institutional structures, particularly with schools and railroad depots, that used this easily recognizable architectural style.

    The Mission Revival style is often lumped in with the Craftsman style, and for good reason.  Not only do the two styles overlap one another, but they are also very similar in style and inspiration.  Both styles embraced very simplistic styles and made their main focus was using local materials and artists to create various pieces of hardware and furniture.

     These styles of homes embrace the Craftsman philosophy completely.  Since these styles of homes have generated a very strong following it is quite easy to find a variety of different hardware options to help the homeowners maintain the Craftsman philosophy.  While some homeowners focus on the structure itself many others put their efforts into the furniture and hardware of the home to make sure it all fits in the Craftsman style.

     The choices people have for drawer hardware is extensive, and narrowing it down by architectural style doesn’t make that much of a dent in the options, especially with these styles.  The most common choices for drawer pulls are very simple ring designs.  The plusses for this option is that they can help convert any simple piece of furniture into more of a Craftsman style quite easily, and look great on any piece.


There are many different finishes available as well, and no one finish looks better than another because of the simplicity of it, and they blend with each other quite nicely.  This means you can have one room with primarily polished brass accents and another with oil rubbed bronze or chrome.  The different finishes can give very different impressions allowing an even further expression of a person’s personality.  All of the drawer pulls include the mounting hardware, making it a quick and easy upgrade to any room in your home.

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August 23, 2011 at 8:29 am

Twisted Iron Drawer Pull

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Well, this is probably the most basic drawer handle we’ve featured yet, and the oldest to boot.  This piece was in the same box as the really old door handle, and I’m willing to bet that these two pieces came from the same place.  Of course, we still don’t know exactly when or where they are from, but it’s been fun guessing and creating histories for these two pieces.

This one, we have decided, is more in the range of 120 years old, and was used on an older model of cabinetry, similar to a more primitive filing cabinet. It was three drawers high, made of solid, sturdy wood, and was used to store the store’s books; anything from receipt books, credit logs, inventory lists, and the like.  A cabinet like that would have needed a sturdy handle on it, yet one that was easy to remove and repair if it broke.

Twisted Iron Drawer Pull

This handle is made of  cast iron, which despite it’s weight, was a very popular choice for cabinetry hardware in it’s day.  It was easy to create, and therefore easy and affordable to repair, and probably the most durable metal out there when cared for properly.  It’s simple construction allowed the handle itself to be removed easily for proper cleaning and maintenance.

This piece, with it’s simplistic twisted design, while be extremely easy for us to get ready to mold, as the deconstruction process is extremely short.  The three piece design makes it even easier to install in any piece in your home or business, and would be a great accent piece on even the most modern piece of furniture.  This piece will be offered in a variety of finishes to satisfy even the most sophist aced decorator’s palette.  Polished brass probably will not  be offered; I don’t think the design suits that finish very well at all.

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March 2, 2011 at 5:52 pm

Gorgeous Antique Drawer Pull

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We have had many travels over the past year, and have found a multitude of little treasures.  I absolutely adore finding new things all the time!  To some of you, many of these pieces may look nearly identical, but nothing could be further from the truth!  Each piece has it’s own little story to tell, and it’s own history.  It can be so exciting finding this out, especially when they have a uniqueness to them that are hard to imagine!

These next few pieces have an amazing story to them, one that many people may be able to relate to.  These are all pieces of furniture hardware that were recovered, when much else couldn’t be, from homes affected by Hurricane Katrina.  It’s hard to believe to those that weren’t affected by it that this storm hit more than five years ago, but to some it feels like just yesterday.

The extent of the damage from the storm was so severe that there are still crews working to clean up and salvage anything and everything that they can.  A group of us decided to spend some of our holiday time volunteering with one of these causes, and in the process was able to salvage some pieces as well.

Front View 2

This set of drawer pulls, like many that we will feature, came off of a dresser that was in great disrepair.  You could tell it was once a very fine piece, and was probably nearly a century old, though it was hard to tell for certain.  The wood was rotting away, and even slight touches made it fall apart.  We were able to take some photographs of the piece, and are hoping to find a master carpenter willing to try and re-create it to it’s original splendor.  Even if you don’t have an antique dresser to put these on, they will still be able to give any piece an old world feel.

Drawer Pull Side Vie

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February 23, 2011 at 9:54 am

French Quarter Inspired Drawer Pulls

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No one can underestimate the class and style that the French Quarter of New Orleans radiates.  There is a lavishness and elegance that is only seen a couple of other places in the world, and very few if any in the United States.  The French Quarter gets its name from the architecture and embellishments inspired by French Empire.

For many, there is a hefty price tag attached to achieve such grace and richness, and while there are a handful of families that could afford this, there were many more people yearning for a good replica at a much cheaper price.  Many crafters stepped forward to accept this challenge, and the result was, and still is, absolutely magnificent.  Many pieces that are in the homes throughout New Orleans are these replicas, which have become much more in demand than the originals that inspired them.

FQ Front View

If I told you that this piece was a replica, which it is, it is certain that many more would sell than if it was an original.  If this seems a little backwards, it is, but it also makes the original pieces, when you’re able to find them, much more valuable and coveted.  They have also become even more affordable than when they first were released, because so many replicas have been produced.

FQ Side View

This piece was recovered off of another badly water damaged piece of furniture, though this piece was in far better shape than the other.  A couple of the drawers were missing, and the ones that remained were badly rotting.  Of the original eight drawer pulls, we were only able to salvage three, and all of them needed intense cleaning before we could consider replicating them.  We took the whole dresser, with the very good intention of getting the drawers rebuilt and having it refinished.

FQ Front View 2

Green Glass Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls – Adding New Color to Your Design

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Green is one of those beautiful and calming colors that can be introduced in a variety of design settings and provide that extra elegant touch of detail. Perhaps this is because green in available in so many different shades from pale green that are reminiscent of mint or intense bold shades like an emerald. It can be a subtle way to introduce more color onto your kitchen cabinets or a whimsical touch in your bathroom to coordinate with your tropical island theme.

Green glass cabinet knobs are a perfect opportunity to tie together any redecorating idea because it adds color where people least expect it. A kitchen can become very sterile with chrome fixtures and bland cabinetry. Add some warmth and personality into the room by adding more color. Remember that the decorating theme of a home is a reflection of the personality of the homeowner and an opportunity to have your favorite colors surround you.

Glass cabinet and drawer hardware is available in a variety of styles from a basic hexagonal design to beautiful fluted patterns or contemporary shapes such as a barrel knob or an octagon design. Glass can be used easily in historic homes, modern lofts, apartments, beach houses and more. It is easy to clean and when installed properly, will not chip or show signs of wear and over time. A glass knob will continue to shine after years of use.

Green glass comes in several shades ranging from a light green to an opaque jadeite. Although many people will use the same shade throughout an entire room, it is possible to mix and match colors and can work to add more visual interest to your design. Light green can be accented beautifully with intense shades of dark green, for example.

Accent your home design today with beautiful green glass cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Follow all installation instructions and remember that glass is hand made and color variations can occur between batches so order extra in case of breaks or chips in the future (these occur mainly when knobs are smashed into walls handled too roughly). Glass knobs are measured from the widest point (not across the face) so account for this when selecting a replacement knob for the home. Most standard cabinets use a glass knob measuring at least 1 ¼ inches.

Flower and Nature Themed Pewter Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

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Spring is here and that means the flowers are blooming again, but why wait all year for that moment? Installing new cabinet knobs on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets can not only update the entire look of the room with minimal time and expense but can also create a new and beautiful theme that can be carried through to the rest of the home. Advancements in manufacturing capability over the past two centuries have made it possible for homeowners to introduce new and unexpected designs into their home and reflect their unique personality in a whole new way.
Floral cabinet knobs are a wonderful way to capture the beauty of Spring and Summer into your home all year long. Pewter cabinet knobs are a more malleable metal and therefore allow for more complex designs. Imagine whimsical daisy knobs on your cabinets or strawberry pulls on your drawers! Not only would this make your home special, it would allow you more freedom to incorporate your interests into your overall design.

Cabinet knobs and pulls are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and it is important to understand that not all are designed to go one every cabinet. This is especially true if you are planning to reuse existing drill holes for cabinet and drawer pulls. Pay attention to size when you are making a decision. Manufacturers will typically list two sizes for drawer pulls: overall length and center-to-center spacing. The center-to-center spacing is key because this refers to the distance between the two mounting holes. If your drawer is not currently drilled for pulls this measurement is still important to pay attention to for future reference. Most standard drawer pulls come in a three inch center to center spacing – larger sizes may be available for some styles however.
The greatest part of redesigning the home is the ability to be creative – don’t feel like a home must look a particular way. The smaller details are what matter in any design and breaking away from traditional designs is a great way to make your design truly your own. Pewter knobs are available in a wide range of finishes ranging from silver tones (pewter) to copper, verdigris or even antique white. These options allow the homeowner to coordinate new hardware with existing fixtures that will not be replaced.

Searching for easy ways to redecorate without spending a fortune does not have to be complicated- merely creative. Remember to think outside the box this year and bring the beauty of Spring into your kitchen. Tie the look together further by painting cabinets in soft pastel tones or adding other floral design elements such as floral curtain tie backs, coat/utility hooks or even a few flower pots around the room.

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April 16, 2010 at 3:26 pm