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Home Restoration – Gaining Entry Into The World of Art Deco Style Hardware

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Home Restoration – Gaining Entry Into The World of Art Deco Style Hardware

The Victorian era held many decorative objects that are of great value today. Door hardware is no exception and is still highly sought-after. The Art Deco style was very popular during this time and is still used for many home restoration projects today.

Art Deco Wall Sconce

Art Deco Wall Sconce

All through this era, door hardware was very ornamental. During Queen Victoria’s reign the hardware used on doors in America was actually quite simple in appearance usually constructed of metal, iron, bronze or in the case of some door knobs, glass. After the Civil War the design of door hardware changed radically, becoming more ornamental in style.

Close-Ceiling Art Deco Light

Close-Ceiling Art Deco Light

Door knobs at that time began to take on different forms with some even being shaped into animal heads and other figures. Many of these pieces are still highly coveted today. This popularity spread through America, but encompassed the types of hardware being manufactured in other countries at that time.

 The turn of the century signified the decline of decorative hardware though a certain amount of ornamentation was still present on some pieces. The clean lines of Art Deco and Arts and Crafts hardware soon implemented simple forms and hand-finished surfaces. By the 1920s, the interest in decorative hardware had, for the most part, disappeared and Art Deco became even more popular.

 Art Deco remains one of the most popular styles today and is still sought out when it comes to home renovations. Fortunately, this is type of hardware is not difficult to find when it comes time to replace items such as door knobs and locks and it is easy to install. There are many reproductions available that will dress up the look of any door and restore that authentic look while making it appear to be the natural hardware that was first placed on the door.

 The Art Deco style hardware can also be used on any door of the house from the front door to the upstairs bedroom doors and is easy to coordinate. There is much to be said for restoring the natural look of a home and door hardware is a very important part of this process. The Art Deco style, while simple, provides an elegance specific to the era and adds great appeal to any room. A wide range of pieces are readily available so are easy to obtain which is one reason why this unique style will be around for many more years to come.

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June 25, 2010 at 3:44 pm