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Summer Check Up

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Summer is steaming along, and those projects that were fresh and exciting back in the planning stages this spring have either been accomplished or are regrettably foundering. We know how it is: you set out determined that this is the “Year of the Yard!” Your landscape, patio, porch or entry will speak volumes about you, presenting a delightfully soothing vista for all who visit. Instead, that “to do” list lingers.

Let us help you with a few quick beautification options for your yard and garden. One way to add an instant pop of color is to place one of our planters at your front door or on your patio, filled to the brim with cheerful annuals. We offer a wide variety of planters and pots to accommodate  your decorating tastes. From rustic to refined, you’ll find what you need at our website. Below are just a few of our offerings, all made of the finest materials.


15 Inch Porcelain Earthenware Pots Planter

15 Inch Porcelain Earthenware Pots Planter


14 1/2 Inch Porcelain Amber Crackle Planter

14 1/2 Inch Porcelain Amber Crackle Planter



10 Inch Porcelain Fruit and Cherub Planter

10 Inch Porcelain Fruit and Cherub Planter


If you’re looking for something more adventurous to add to your landscape, consider one of our attractive and unique copper weather vanes as an addition to your outdoor living spaces. No longer just for mounting to the roof line or your farm house or barn, the eye catching statement pieces are found in many yards, secured on a post, fence line or other creative display venues. Available in polished or weathered finishes, the choices we offer may appeal to your whimsical nature or remind you of simpler times. Enjoy the preview offered here:

53 Inch Tall Copper Eagle Weathervane in a Polished Copper Finish

53 Inch Tall Copper Eagle Weathervane in a Polished Copper Finish


53 Inch Tall Copper Sailboat Weathervane  in a Weathered Copper Finish

53 Inch Tall Copper Sailboat Weathervane in a Weathered Copper Finish


Don’t throw in the towel on your summer curb appeal projects! You can still have the outdoor living spaces that will be the envy of the neighborhood, with a little help from Look in the Attic & Company.



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July 10, 2013 at 11:43 pm

Ring My Bell

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For those of you who now have that cheesy disco tune stuck in your head, our apologies. But you’re thinking about bells and if you read last week’s post you may have already connected the dots. In continuing the spring quest to beautify your front entry, a new doorbell is one more feature to consider. Here at Look in the Attic & Co, we have many fine examples of doorbells and chimes to offer. 

One lovely example we offer is the solid brass Art Nouveau style doorbell in oil rubbed bronze finish. This bell is made for years of service and the quality is impeccable. Even the button itself is made of metal, not plastic. Each piece is hand cast and hand finished to maintain the highest level of detail. 


4 1/4 Inch Art Nouveau Solid Brass Doorbell in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

While we offer many styles, here is one more for your consideration. In smaller entry ways where a petite doorbell fits to scale, this Lost Wax Cast Eastlake doorbell presents a 2 7/8 inch diameter with fine detailing. The lost wax casting process, sometimes known by the French name of cire perdue is an ancient practice that is still used for artwork today. Here it has been used to preserve the fine details of the original Eastlake doorbell components, while providing a product that will last for ages.


2 7/8 Inch Diameter Lost Wax Cast Eastlake Doorbell in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

While we have only featured a few of our beautiful doorbells, rest assured we offer a wide variety to meet the needs of our customers. Additional bells in Traditional, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian, Eastlake, and Craftsman styles are available. Visit our page at to find the bell that “rings your bell.”

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April 28, 2013 at 10:48 pm

A Warm Welcome

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     Your front door is the welcome you present to all who approach your home. Colorful, traditional, quirky or grand, your style speaks to the world and beckons visitors to enter. Have you taken the time lately to study the message your front door is sending?

After a long brutal winter, your front entry may be showing the effects of weather through rust, tarnish, fading paint or dead plants. With warmer temperatures and sunny days ahead, take time to evaluate your entryway so it shines this spring. Here at Look in the Attic & Company, we have everything you need to dress this area up and welcome your guests in style.

First consider the paint. If the color is fading, or you’re ready for a change, liven up your door with a fresh coat of paint to get this project underway. Many homes feature traditional colors for entry doors, but lately, more personalized and unique door colors seem to be a trend.

Once the paint is dry, continue the updates with new entryway hardware. This traditional oval single-door deadbolt entryway set in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish provides an old-world elegance to your entry and is simple to install.  We offer this complete set with tubular latch mechanisms, strike plates, complete knob sets, internal mechanisms, deadbolts and all mounting hardware. Everything you need for a successful installation is included.


Traditional Oval Single-Door Deadbolt Entryway Set

Next, add new house numbers for easy recognition of your street address. This often overlooked detail is attractive and makes your house stand out. The house number shown is made in solid brass and measures 6 inches tall. This durable solid brass casting comes complete with the mounting hardware and is available in Polished Brass (Shown), Antique Brass, Weathered Flat Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze.


6 Inch Tall Number 1 in Polished Brass

     In addition to those updates, consider adding a new kick plate as well.  Kick plates are a simple eye catching way to make your front entry stand out.  Our kick plates come in a variety of finishes and heights. Our smallest plate is a non-standard 5 inches tall, with a width that can range from 27 to 42 inches. Our largest plate is a substantial 10 inches in height and a width range of 28 to 42 inches. Finishes for the plates offered include Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Antique Nickel, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and more.

Lastly, complete your project with an elegant planter filled with colorful annuals. Look in the Attic & Company provides many choices for that finishing touch as well. We offer an assortment of planters in a variety of colors and styles to festoon your entryway in beautiful blooms. Below are just a few samples of our colorful planters.


Porcelain Floral Planter – Measures 17 Inches Tall with an Antique Bronze Finish Metal Base.

     These featured improvements will declare a warm welcome to friends and neighbors. Let Look in the Attic & Company help with your front entry spring clean up for beautiful and lasting home improvements.

Simple Old World Style Brass Door Knob

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 Simple Colonial Style Door Knobs

Our last big cereal box prize is this brass doorknob.  It is rather simple in design, and sure, it may not look like much, but that’s just what makes it such a prized item.  We have several similar plates – including that one with the mail box built right in – that matches this exact knob – in fact, we have not just the door plates, but a mail box, door bell and many other items that fit perfectly with this genre.  These pieces were somewhat common in homes around the New England states – they were mostly used in larger estates, and for the same reason are extremely rare. It is really exciting to us to find something rare, and more exciting to find something both rare and in such excellent condition. 

These door plates look extremely easy to make, and because they were so simple – but alas, they are not. They require sharp edges – which means there were a lot of seconds that had to be scrapped. The homes they decorated were those built in the early to late 1920s – right at the beginning of the Art Deco movement in Paris.  These styles knobs would have adorned doors like front entryway doors, back doors, bathroom and basement doors.   

Art Deco (Pre) Style Door Knob

Art Deco (Pre) Style Door Knob


Homeowners would save the more decorative elements for sitting rooms, bedrooms, and guest suites. Wealthy homeowners would save something this plain for servant’s rooms, so wear wouldn’t matter.  Even then, they would still show wear, and possibly some minor damages.  To find a piece in such excellent condition would suggest that it was never used, but the threads indicate otherwise.

The original owner took pride in all of their belongings, and even made sure to polish all metalwork often.  This piece hasn’t even really developed a very good patina, and it took us no time at all to clean off the dirt and grime. The original pin point design still covers all parts of the knob, and the edges are sealed with a very delicate crimped edge.  These designs were usually put on the face and edges of even simple designs to cover up any flaws that may have occurred during the creation process.  They also help to distract your eye from any flaws that may have occurred from user error.  Whatever the reason, it’s beautiful!

Side View

Side View

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October 12, 2010 at 3:37 pm

Mechanical Doorbells – A Great New “Twist” For the Home

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Eastlake Mechanical Doorbell

Doorbells come in many shapes, sizes and methods of operation, with the most common type of doorbell today being a simple push button. Doorbells were invented as another means of alerting a homeowner know a visitor was at the door outside (prior to this door knockers were the method of choice). Doorbells have ranged from a bell with a rope attached to it outside the door to modern wireless doorbells. Mechanical doorbells became popular in the Victorian era because of their simplicity of design and remain popular today for the same reason and because they a unique addition to any front door.

A mechanical doorbell is simple design that is installed directly into the door (not adjacent to the door like most modern bells). A simple “turn” knob on the exterior rings a bell that is located on the interior side of the door. These bells were usually ornate in design and varied styles were available (with Eastlake patterns becoming especially popular).

Solid brass mechanical doorbells are a wonderful way to add extra detail to your front door and a simple solution if a doorbell is not currently installed in your home. Since mechanical doorbells do not require electricity it is a great way to avoid added costs of hiring electricians to wire a new doorbell. The installation of a mechanical doorbell is also a wonderful way to create a new theme for your front door hardware. Replacing older doorknob sets with solid brass or installing a new kick plate are both great choices to enhance a common theme. Although it is not necessary to use the same pattern for all these items, the use of a common finish (such as polished brass, oil rubbed bronze or antique brass) will help tie the look together for you.

Mechanical (or “Twist”) doorbells are an unusual and unique addition to any front door. The “twist” knob is a great touch of detail and a charming way for guests to announce themselves. Search for solid brass construction to ensure high quality and durability and be sure to ask questions. LookInTheAttic & Company offers a great selection of mechanical twist doorbells in several finishes and they offer free assistance with installation questions and design.

Doorbells are a focal point of any entryway set but they are often overlooked when replacing older and worn hardware. Try something different by replacing or adding a new mechanical doorbell to your Victorian or modern home. This is a sure way to transform a plain front door into a showpiece.