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More From The Pot O’ Gold

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Here is another wonderful piece from our own pot of gold that we were fortunate enough to win in the most recent auction. This piece will be a little harder to market, since it’s more of a specialized piece, but I think the market is big enough that it won’t be too difficult to get a broad audience for it.

After all, flowers have been well loved for centuries, and often has special meaning for a variety of people. The design does limit the versatility of the piece slightly, but opens up several options that weren’t there before. A piece like this, perhaps in a different finish, or even an enamel one, would look absolutely darling in a nursery, or a little girl’s room. It is the type of piece that she probably wouldn’t grow out of, and would make a wonderful accent to the piece to hand down to her daughters or grand daughters one day.

Flower Knob

This would also be a wonderful piece to brighten up an otherwise dull kitchen, bathroom, or even guest bedroom. Floral motifs are becoming increasingly popular, and are extremely easy to accessorize. The trouble with designs like this can be an abundance of items available, and this can lead to an overwhelming feeling, especially when you are trying to find just the right piece to make the room complete, or just the right design to truly match a floral bedspread or curtains.

This piece would also look great on a potting table, or in a gardening shed for anyone that has a love of gardening and flowers. Perhaps they have a space dedicated in their garage just for their hobby and need a sturdy yet whimsical design to compliment it. This flower drawer pull is the perfect accent to finish the space. This will be available in a variety of finishes as well, ensuring the most versatility for it.


What Is It? Chapter 4 –

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Yeah! Yet another mystery to solve! This came from the same box as the three flower-like things, but we’re not exactly sure what this one is either. We know that it is made of iron, is really heavy, and wasn’t cared for very well. I’m guessing that this piece was outside for most of it’s time before it ended up in that box. That would at least account for all of the rust that we found on them.

We were able to clean most of the rust off; you should have seen it when we found it, if you think it’s still in rough shape! The entire thing was covered in rust! It took one of our apprentices three days to get it to look as good as it does now!

Garden Decoration

My thoughts, and several of my colleagues agree, that this piece was used for nothing more than a decorative element is somebody’s garden. It is quite a large piece; about eighteen inches long, and weighs about eight or nine pounds. That just shows that this was very well made, and is perfectly adapted to the elements. Well, you might have to put some sort of a sealer on it.

We are thinking about offering this piece in a couple of different sizes. Once we finish cleaning all the grime off of it that is, and get it to a surface that is smooth enough for us to cast a mold of. That way you can add this piece as the perfect addition to your garden as well, no matter how much or how little space you have available. We’re thinking about adding a six inch and twelve inch version, and are gambling with the thought of a twenty-four inch one, but we’re worried about the weight at that size. What size do you think will be best?

As always, thanks for reading – and thanks to all of you who submitted comments. Appreciate it!

Written by antiqueswriter

February 25, 2011 at 10:07 am

Sunflower Door Knob – Antique Hardware

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We came across this little beauty at the home of a friend.  They weren’t interested in selling it to us at all.  In fact, they it was like pulling teeth getting them to part with it for just a little while so that we can replicate it!  (That’s right, we actually only need to borrow it – the original always stays in tact – never destroyed). We absolutely fell in love with the whimsical sunflower design.  This must be a rare piece, since we’ve never seen anything exactly like it before!

Our friend is a huge collector of anything sunflower related.  Her entire kitchen is decked out in everything related to the flower, and her backyard is almost overrun with them.  Personally, I like sunflowers, but the smaller varieties – the large ones are, well, too big.  They are absolutely gorgeous, and I’m surprised we haven’t come across a design like this, or similar, before.

While she used this as an accent piece on her cabinetry, it would also be ideal for back doors, garden sheds, or any flower enthusiast.  While we believe it to be a sunflower, it may also be interchanged with a daisy, or just a pretty flower in general. I am also curious how this might look made in iron, and then hand painted as a real sunflower. That might be a true delight.

Sunflower Door Knob SIde View

Each piece we offer is unique in its own way, and this one is no exception. There are so many different options to replicate this.  It will most definitely be cast in bronze, but we will probably also offer it in copper, cast iron, and may even dabble with some enamel.  How pretty would this little gem be in vibrant shades of yellow?

Can’t you just picture this as a shining example of how the smallest detail in a home can incorporate such a large part of the owner’s personality?  It may take us  little longer than normal to get this piece available to you; we promised our friend we would get it back as soon as possible, but we may have to d this in installments.

Sunflower Door Knob Front View

Written by Period Style Hardware

October 15, 2010 at 8:07 pm