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Fluted Glass Door Knobs

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Art Deco Fluted Glass Knobs

Art Deco Fluted Glass Knobs

Diamond-like sparkle when the light hits them right, these modern recreations of fluted glass knobs, bring style and elegance to your home. Fluted glass knobs experienced a boom in popularity during the 1920’s to the 1930’s. The style has its origins in the Victorian period, the Regency style, with solid brass construction and a polished brass finish is re-emerging as a popular choice.

Fluted Knobs

Fluted Knobs


The Regency Single Dummy Fluted Door Knob set includes Rosette Screws, Crystal Knob and Rosette Plates. There are many styles to choose from including Privacy Locking sets, Passage sets and Double Dummy. There are also many finishes available to match your particular decor; brushed nickel, antique brass, polished chrome and oil rubbed bronze.

The Single Dummy is for one side of a door and is most often applied to a non-latching door, or bi-fold closet doors. While designed in an antique fashion, the Fluted Glass Door Knobs are sized for standard doors with a 2 1/8 bore hole. The Regency Crystal Single Dummy Glass Door Knob with any choice of finish makes an excellent addition to any room of the home.  Matching the finish to your furniture’s hardware such as dresser drawer pulls or even bathroom faucets, be it antique brass, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze or polished chrome, can really pull the room together. Ceiling fans and even nightstand lamps can be matched to the finish and makes for a well designed décor that will impress your friends and family, but most importantly, you’ll be satisfied.

Other Styles of Crystal Knobs

Other Styles of Crystal Knobs

Your love for the finer things, like quality Fluted Glass Door Knobs will show in your selection of antique styled hardware from This hardware is perfect for matching Victorian period, 1920’s and 30’s or even eclectic styles of design for your home. Many online stores carry these styles of knobs. Try or for a wide variety of styles and colors.


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How to Upgrade Your Doorknobs

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Have you ever thought of replacing the doorknobs in your home but hesitated because of the expense involved? While it is true that replacing every doorknob in your home can be an expensive undertaking, replacing parts of the doorknob can be a simple solution. Imagine your current doorknob with a brand new knob or the existing knob with an exciting new rosette plate. The change would be significant and most of these parts can be switched out easily with minimal time and cost.
Most modern doorknob sets share common features such as a requiring a bore hole measuring 2 1/8 inches and a backset of either 2 3/8 inches or 2 ¾ inches. After that the choice of doorknobs and their individual parts is really up to the personal taste of the homeowner. Although minor adjustments may need to made for compatibility purposes (replacement spindle, new screws, etc.) these can be purchased easily from most local hardware stores or online.

Replacing the Doorknobs

Doorknobs are bumped, scratched and dented all the time. Thin metal doorknobs are especially prone to fall victim to normal wear and tear and reveal their age quickly. The doorknob is an essential focal point on the door and the one part of the doorknob that people will see and touch every single day so a shabby know will be noticed. Try swapping out the banged up knob for an elegant glass or even a solid brass replacement that will resist those signs of damage. This is a great opportunity to change the entire “feel” of the door and your home.

Rosette Plates

The rosette is the plate that sits on the door. It may seem like this is an unimportant aspect of the knob but it a great way to introduce new and exciting designs into your home without needing to spend a great deal of money. In historical homes the doorknob was considered a form of “door jewelry” and an ornate rosette was considered a crucial focal point in design. Try replacing cheap and thin rosettes with a new pattern that will coordinate with your existing hardware or add new elements of design into your room.

Questions of Compatibility

As stated earlier, different manufacturers may require different parts for their doorknobs or rosette plates. Some rosette plates use an “interconnecting screw” system where the rosette use screws to hold them together while some rosette plates screw directly into the wood door. If you have questions check with a contractor or contact the manufacturer directly for more information. Older spindles may not work with new knobs so a replacement may be necessary – many companies will include a spindle with the replacement knobs or it can be purchased separately.
Take careful measurements when replacing any home hardware is important – if you are unsure of any of the terminology used, try researching doorknob parts online. A good understanding of the parts needed to replace existing hardware will make the decision process simpler and less stressful. Most doorknob sets can be installed with a few basic tools already in the home and do not require professional installation – this can be a great time saver and a way to redecorate on a budget.

Bathroom Door Knobs – Choosing a Style That Works For Your Home

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Bathroom Door Knobs – Choosing a Style That Works For Your Home

A bathroom can present several difficulties when selecting new or replacement door hardware. For example, do you require the door to lock? If so, what type of lock do you need? If there are small children in the home, how do prevent them from accidently locking themselves in? Another common difficulty is matching finishes – most bathrooms use chrome or nickel hardware while the rest of the home may have polished brass or even bronze. How can you make an informed choice with so many issues to cover?
The answer is simple – break the process down into a series of steps that will answer the questions and narrow down the options. The entire point of choosing new door hardware is to select a style that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves all the functions needed for your home.

1) Does this bathroom require a lock?

That usually depends on where the bathroom in located in the home. If it is a main bathroom that will be used by several different people throughout the day, a lock would be recommendable. This will allow family and visitors to have privacy without the fear of someone accidently walking in. If the bathroom is adjacent to a room that will only have one or two people using it, a lock is optional.

If you decide your bathroom will require a lock search for a privacy style interior doorknob (more information below). If the bathroom will not require a lock, a standard passage style doorknob can be used.

2) What type of lock do I need?

There are many types of door locks available and there is a significant difference between interior door locks and exterior door locks. Exterior door locks will typically utilize a deadbolt that requires a key to lock and unlock the door –this would be an inappropriate choice for a bathroom in the home. (Many businesses however use this system to prevent customers from entering the bathroom without their knowledge).

An interior door lock can use a push pin system which is a simple pin on the rosette that is pushed in to lock the door and turning the knob from the inside will unlock the door. Thumb turn locks can also be used but will need to be turned and unturned manually to lock/unlock the door (these may require a different style of latch mechanism).

3) Safety Issues

If there are small children in the home it is important to select a locking knob that can be opened from the outside in case of emergencies. Push pin lock mechanisms offer a safety feature whereby the lock can be undone from the exterior by inserting a narrow object through a hole in the exterior rosette plate.

4) Mix and Match Finishes?

If all the door knobs in your home and your bathroom uses standard polished chrome hardware, which finish do you match? Both, ideally. Selecting a doorknob that is available in a mixed finish option will allow you to have perfectly matching hardware inside and outside the bathroom. Be careful when choosing finishes however as the interior and exterior components of a doorknob set are not usually interchangeable (depending on style).

5) Tips and Suggestions

Choose a doorknob style that will flow with the existing patterns in the home. Glass doorknob sets are an elegant option and will provided added detail. Solid brass doorknob sets are also a wonderful option because they are available in a wide variety of styles to match any architectural motif that currently exists in the home (ranging from elegant Victorian patterns to unique Art Deco designs).
Choose cabinet knobs and pulls to match your new doorknob set to create a common theme. Most home hardware can be installed with little to no training and with common tools around the home.

How to Choose New Cabinet Knobs for the Kitchen and Bath

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The cabinet, as we think of it today, is a relatively recent addition to most home designs. In its most basic form a cabinet is a built in storage device that is attached to the wall and/or floor. Styles of cabinets range in size and function but most homes have cabinets installed in both the kitchen and bathroom (bedrooms, living rooms and other areas of the home can have cabinetry as well but it is not as frequently utilized as shelving systems). Although recent trends have promoted cabinet doors with no knobs at all there has been a resurgence of popularity of installing knobs (and pulls) to make opening and closing cupboards easier.

A cabinet knob serves the basic function of allowing a door to be opened and closed with ease. Depending on the style of door this can be a necessity or merely an option. Doors that close flush with the frame require a knob to be opened while doors that close on the frame can be opened without the assistance of a knob but can be time consuming or difficult to do. A knob provides an easy solution to these problems.

Cabinet knobs are available in a variety of sizes and materials that can be easily coordinated with your current decorating scheme. Choosing a size that is appropriate for the project is important because a knob that is too small will look awkward and may not provide enough grip for someone to open the door. A knob that is too large can appear bulky and create an unattractive focal point in the room and stand out against the cupboards. For most standard cabinets a knob between 1 ¼ inches and 1 ¾ inches tends to work best. Smaller medicine cabinets or doors can use knobs that are 1 ¼ inch or less. Knobs that are larger that 1 ¾ inches are best reserved for large cabinets and doors or larger pieces of furniture. To put it in perspective many doorknobs measure 2 inches or greater and a door knob has no place on a cabinet.

Installing new cabinet knobs is a simple process and can be done easily with little or no experience. Depending on the style of knob it may utilize a simple bolt and nut or a smaller bolt that will screw into the knob from the interior of the door. Depending on the cabinet door thickness bolts (sometimes referred to as screws) may need to be trimmed so they do not protrude into the cabinet. This can be done at home with a bolt trimmer or even a common hacksaw (take care to protect the threads of the bolt with a nut prior to cutting).

Glass Knob with Mounting Hardware

Knobs are a wonderful way to get creative in a room and utilize a whole range of materials to create or enhance an existing theme. Glass is always a wonderful choice because it is readily available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Pewter offers a flexibility of patterns that can range from simple to whimsical. Solid brass or iron knobs offer extreme durability and can often be cast with extremely detailed designs and finished in a variety of colors as well. Try to look for existing themes for inspiration regarding which style of knob would work best in your home.

Choosing new cabinet hardware should be a fun process that enhances the look of your room and provides better functioning for your cabinets or drawers. Try to choose a style that reflects your unique personality and remember to take the size of the knob into account before making a purchase. Many knobs are measures at there widest point (not necessarily across the face of the knob) so if you are attempting to match existing cabinet hardware, remember that not all knobs are measured the same way. The best option is to replace all existing knobs and not try to match an antique with a reproduction – the chances are much higher that they will not match rather than they will. Need more information? Check out LookInTheAttic & Company for a wide selection of cabinet knobs and pulls.

A New Rainbow of Color This Spring – Redecorating with Glass

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Ruby Red Glass Cabinet Knob

Add a little life to your cupboards and drawers this spring with new glass knobs and pulls. Transform your kitchen from bland to beautiful by replacing that old and worn hardware with wonderful replacements in glass and crystal. The possibilities are limitless this year with a wide spectrum of glass shapes and colors available for the home (or office). Try adding something unique to your home this year during your spring cleaning and redecorating projects!

Nothing says dull like scratched and worn knobs and pulls on any piece of furniture. The small details make the biggest impact sometimes and this is especially true when it comes to hardware. Knobs and pulls are not only a focal point of design; they are also one of the most used items in the home. Think of how many times you open the drawers and cabinets in your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

Art Deco Glass Cabinet Knob

Try adding a little pizzazz to your cupboards with exciting ruby red knobs or introduce a little color into the bathroom with beautiful emerald green knobs. Create a theme in a nursery with baby pink or blue pulls for the dresser. The opportunities to make your home reflect your unique personality are just waiting to be used. Glass comes in a variety of shapes from the traditional hexagon to ornate swirl glass knobs. Fitting well in homes that range from classic Victorian themes to contemporary Manhattan apartments – glass is quickly becoming one of the most stylish ways to update the home.

Take your new decorating style one step further by adding wonderful crystal doorknob sets throughout the home. This can quickly create a uniformed look throughout the entire home. Glass stands out against wood (or metal) doors and offers an extra touch of elegance. Try updating your curtain tie backs with exotic pressed glass patterns to bring the look of glass even further into the room.

Amethyst Glass and Brass Coat Hooks

Although glass can break more easily than other materials (such as brass, iron, steel, etc.) it is extremely durable and does not show signs of wear and tear as easily over time. When properly installed, glass knobs and pulls will work as efficiently as standard metal knobs. LookInTheAttic & Company offers a great selection of glass hardware ranging from cabinet knobs to robe hooks. Try something new this year and make your house the beautiful home of your dreams.

A New Year and New Crystal Door Knobs for the Home

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Crystal door knobs are a great and easy way to add new detail to otherwise boring doors and an opportunity to create a new theme that can be easily introduced in a variety of unexpected areas throughout your home. Older door knobs that are constructed out of various metals (thin brass, steel, etc.) can easily become dented and scratched over time and because of this need to be frequently replaced. A door knob serves as a focal point of design in the home because it is something that is used every day by guests and homeowners. Because it is so pivotal to every day life around the home, a beautiful and high quality door knob is an important feature that should not be overlooked.

Fluted Crystal Door Knob (Polished Brass Finish)

Fluted Crystal Door Knob (Polished Brass Finish)

Crystal door knobs first gained popularity in the United States during the 1800 and 1900’s. This was especially true when metal was needed during the First World War and could no longer be spared for the production of door knobs and other home hardware. Although metal knobs became popular again in the mid 1950’s, crystal door knobs still remain popular today.

Crystal door knobs are available in a variety of patterns which can be used in both old and new homes. Popular shapes include fluted glass, round, pumpkin, octagon and oval. There are a variety of rosette (sometimes referred to as “back plates”) available which range from simple to extremely ornate. The most popular finishes are Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. This wide selection of knob shape, design and finish allows you to match your new door knob sets with existing hardware.

Lever Crystal Door Knob (Brushed Nickel Finish)

Lever Crystal Door Knob (Brushed Nickel Finish)

By using crystal doorknobs throughout your home you can create a new theme that can be introduced in window hardware, lighting and cabinet hardware. Add new vibrancy to your kitchen cabinets with new glass knobs that will tie in beautifully with your door hardware. Further enhance the theme with new glass curtain tie backs or similar lighting.

Crystal door knobs are a wonderful way to update the look of your doors and show attention to detail. Door knobs are used every day and should not be overlooked during a renovation or remodeling projects because it is a simple way to change the entire look of your home and enhance or create a new decorating theme.

LookInTheAttic & Company offers a wide selection of crystal door knob sets with coordinating cabinet and window hardware for the home. Look for solid brass construction to ensure high quality and be sure to ask questions. Door knobs are an important part of the home and should reflect the personality and style of the homeowners and crystal door knobs are an elegant addition to any home.

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Knobs Versus Pulls – What’s the Difference?

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Solid Brass French Leaves Pull

Cabinet knobs and pulls are two terms that sometimes get used interchangeably although they are really two different types of hardware. A knob (that is intended for furniture or cabinets) is a single rounded piece that attaches to the face with one screw. A drawer pull is handle that typically attaches using two screws (or nails depending on design). Although cabinets generally use knobs exclusively a drawer can function with wither a knob or a pull (large or heavy drawers may require two knobs on opposite ends to function open easily).

If you are replacing your current hardware it is a good idea to use your existing hardware as a guide for what size knob or pull to replace it with – this is especially true with drawer pulls if you are reusing the existing holes. Older hardware that becomes scratched or dented over time can often make an entire room or piece of furniture appear out of date and in need to a makeover, by simply replacing these items you can create a brand new look with little time and investment.

Knobs and pulls come in a variety of materials, designs and sizes so you can replace any of the older hardware in your home. Glass knobs and pulls add an extra (and often unexpected) touch of elegance to any room and can be coordinated with new glass doorknob sets, window hardware and lighting as well. Solid brass and pewter knobs offer beautiful ornate patterns (frequently reproduced from antique designs) that look great on both new and old furniture. Larger drawers and cabinets typically require larger hardware for two reasons, first to handle the additional weight and secondly to look proportional in size. Small knobs (measuring an inch or smaller) are best used on small cabinets (like a bathroom medicine cabinet) or small drawers. Frequently knobs and pulls are available in a variety of sizes and can be mixed and matched in the same room or even on the same piece of furniture.

Clear Glass Barrel Knob

Replacing your old hardware gives you the opportunity to use your creativity and update the look of your home. Add vibrant color and designs to otherwise boring rooms or pieces by simply adding a new knob or drawer pull. Create a common theme inside and out your home with similar colors, shapes and patterns. Remember it is often in the little details that the most dramatic changes are made when redecorating so be sure not to overlook your home hardware during any renovating project. LookInTheAttic & Company offers a great selection of coordinating knobs and pulls for the home – they even offer free design assistance and help. Ask questions if you are unsure about a particular item and choose new knobs and pulls that reflect your unique style.