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Victorian Cup and Bin Pulls

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     Cup and Bin pulls are a great alternative to traditional drawer pulls and dresser hardware.  If you are tired of the annoying ‘knocking’ sound that often accompanies the opening or closing of a dresser drawer with a more traditional style of hardware, think about trying out this style instead.

decorative cup pull - finished in antique brass

     Cup and Bin pulls offer a more elegant and old-fashioned style of hardware decoration, and are ideal for any type of drawer, particularly those found on dressers and desks.  They are very simple and easy to install and can be a wonderful decorative element in any home.  All you need to replace any of these items is a simple screwdriver; we provide the screws and the pulls themselves.

A fine example of Victorian design work with an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

     You have your choice of several different designs.  Each design was carefully created by master craftsman.  While the items themselves are created in a mold, the molds themselves were delicately hand carved to ensure consistency, with every attention to detail carefully examined.  These pulls allow you to exhibit more detail than traditional swinging handles, and are much more durable.

It is easy to see how a well designed pull can breath new life into an otherwise drab piece of furniture.

     The decoration on the cup is very durable and easy to care for.  A simple swipe of a cloth gets rid of any dust, and depending on what finish you choose there is little more care necessary.  Swinging handles, while very common, are also very cheap.  They are rarely made of a solid metal, and the finish has a tendency to wear down over time.  While the decorative backplate of these designs holds up very well, the worn finish on the handles is very noticeable and cannot be easily replaced.  With cup pulls the design is made so well that it rarely wears down, and if it does it is very hard to notice.


Victorian Porcelain Door Knobs

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     Porcelain door knobs are a gorgeous addition to any home.  The Victorian style that is usually a staple of these pieces is very subtle, allowing them to blend in with the current style of your home, even if it isn’t Victorian in style.  These pieces are the same size as a standard door knob, making them the ideal piece to adorn any door in your home.

     You have your choice of base finish for these knobs.  While polished brass is one of the most popular choices, you can also choose antique brass, polished chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.  We also offer two different knob choices; white or black.  Each knob is constructed out of pure porcelain.  The white knobs add a kind of elegant finish to the doors, while the black makes a much bolder statement.  Porcelain door knobs used to be extremely popular in many homes as an easy way to add an elegant touch to any décor.  It was also a very inexpensive way to do some minor redecorating, and remains the same way today.  Door knobs are easily interchangeable, and with so many finishes available you can easily adapt them to one style, or many different ones depending on how you decorated your home.

A functional knob, black porcelain with a polished brass finish


     Porcelain door knobs are best used inside the house, rather than on the front door.  To keep them in the best shape as long as possible, you may want to refrain from installing them on any door that may be subject to getting hit or has the potential to be damaged.  It is not uncommon for porcelain knobs to become damaged over time, as they are made from a fragile material. While it is extremely rare for them to become shattered, small cracks appearing are commonplace.  These knobs can be purchased singularly or in a double set, and as always any mounting screws necessary are included.

Colonial Coat Hooks

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When you think of the colonial time period, many people will picture hand-crafted items, from tables and chairs to dressers and bed frames.  Tools were hand-forged out of cast iron, and the time and care it took to create these items can be seen in every strike of the hammer and anvil.

Cast iron is the metal of choice when it came to creating everything from door handles and furniture hardware to pots and pans and stoves and everything in between.  These were generally very simple designs, which still took hours to make despite the simplicity.  The metal would have to be constantly heated, cooled, and re-heated between strikes to ensure its strength and durability as well as to create just the right angles for everything.

Coat hooks were one thing created from cast iron that could be decorative, but nothing too elaborate.  Single hook designs were much more common than double hooks, and the backplate, or piece that attached to the wall, was often the decorative element.  Designs were usually just shapes, such as hearts, diamonds and spades, and would either be a solid piece or just an outline.

The strength of the hooks may seem to vary based on the thickness, but the fact of the matter is that these hooks were crafted so precisely that they can hold immense amounts of weight, even if it doesn’t seem that way.  There is one double hook option available, and it is very delicate in appearance but still quite strong.  If you are more interested in a hook that shows its strength while still being decorative, try one of the scroll hook designs.

The hooks vary in size, and can add the perfect touch of style and functionality to any home or business and will last for generations.  We include the necessary cast iron screws to securely attaché these to any wall.

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August 3, 2011 at 2:09 pm

Victorian Mail Slots

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     Mail slots were once the preferred method of receiving your mail on a daily basis instead of the more modern mailbox that is mounted on a post by the side of the road.  This is especially true in rural areas where the most efficient way to get from building to building is by motorized vehicle.  There are still some areas throughout the country that have mail carriers who deliver on foot, and for locations like these mail slots may still be used.

One of the characteristics of a victorian style mail slot is the intricate design around the edges.

     Many homes, especially restorations, are installing mail slots on their doors to add a sense of whimsy or nostalgia to the home rather than for their functionality.  We have recognized the popularity of these items, and strive to carry a large selection of different kinds of mail slots, so there is at least one choice for every home style.  Mail slots tend to be overlooked on homes in which they are commonly used, but that doesn’t mean they need to be any less decorative.

     The Victorian style tends to be the most decorative in all of its components, from construction of homes and exterior decorations to the little details that can be found on any piece of hardware.  Mail slots are no exception.  While there is an overall design that can be seen, it’s the intricate details that are all along the exterior border that make the biggest difference.  Much time is taken to make sure that the border enhances the piece and draws the eye toward the overall design of the piece, rather than noticing one particular element at a time.

A victorian mail slot with a brushed nickel finish.

   Victorian mail slots are available in a myriad of different finishes, including polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze, polished and antique brass as well as nickel plated.  The antique brass seems to be the most classic and popular option, and really lets the design of the piece to stand out.  We list all the dimensions on our website to ensure that you get the right size mail slot, and include all mounting hardware necessary to complete your project.

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July 27, 2011 at 9:14 am

Shutter Hardware for Every Home

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Shutter Hardware (Dogs, Straps and Hinges)

The perfect hardware can make or break a window treatment. Many people prefer the classic style of window shutters, but finding the antique or antique replica hardware that best suits what you are looking for can be extremely time consuming, not to mention expensive. Here you can find exactly what you are looking for, without the hassle. We will never deceive you by passing off replica shutter dogs and shutter stays as antiques, and charge you an arm and a leg. We value your business, and want you to be confident in what you are purchasing.

Shutter Hinges

Shutter Hinges

Our hardware comes in several different metal choices, from aluminum and steel to solid cast iron, so you can choose the best one to match your home. We have all the hardware choices you need, including a large selection of strap hinges. Our designs are chosen based on their popularity in homes over the centuries, all across America. We have some replica pieces that are made specifically for brick housing, much like the originals they are based off of. Others are based more for wood, siding, or stucco homes. We know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect piece, only to have to find the mounting hardware separately, so we include this for you.

Shutter Hinges

Shutter Hinges

The length of the hardware varies, so make sure you choose the right length for your project. All of our pieces are hand-forged right here in the United States, so you know you will get the highest quality products. We also include a two-year limited warranty on all of our products at no additional cost to you. We understand how little touches can make a dream home turn into a reality, and do our best to provide the products that can make that happen.

Shutter Holds and Shutter Dogs
Shutter Holds and Shutter Dogs

5 Reasons To Choose Solid Brass & Bronze Door Knobs for Your Home

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Antique door knobs have become very popular within the past several years. Whether you own an older home and want to authenticate the look by providing newer vintage-looking replacements or you simply want to give a brand new home that classic look, brass and bronze are the way to go. Solid brass and bronze door hardware is an elegant way to update what already exists in your home and enables you to create beautiful themes throughout your residence. Below are five reasons why choosing these door knobs for your home would be a good idea.

Reason One 

Brass and bronze door knobs make great conversation pieces. No matter the age of your home, visitors will no doubt agree that these beautiful pieces are appropriate anywhere and will want to know where you purchased them.

Georgian Rope Door Hardware

Georgian Rope Door Hardware

Reason Two 

Brass and bronze door knobs are very durable. There is no telling how many times each door in your home is opened and closed each day. Each time a doorknob is used it creates wear and tear on the hardware of the door and over time the doorknob will fall apart thus rendering it unusable. By choose brass and bronze hardware you are making a very durable selection capable of withstanding many uses. This will equate to fewer replacements over time.

Bronze Door Hardware

Bronze Door Hardware

Reason Three

Brass and bronze door knobs come in a variety of shapes and styles. When choosing these vintage knobs you will find there are many choices to help you properly accessorize your home. You can have a lot of fun choosing which types of door knobs to install where and may just find yourself turning each room into a unique sanctuary of its own.

Floral Style Antique Door Knob

Floral Style Antique Door Knob

Reason Four 

Vintage brass and bronze door knobs aren’t as expensive as the originals. When making any type of home renovation, price can make or break a particular theme. While you can still find the originals out there, these newer vintage models are much easier to find and more cost-effective to use. Sometimes cost can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the completion of such a project.

Satin Nickel Style Door Hardware

Satin Nickel Style Door Hardware

Reason Five

Solid brass and bronze door knobs make timeless additions to any home. They can be used to supplement any décor and can also be fitted to a wide variety of doors, thus making them the practical choice for rooms and homes of all types. Try them and see how much character they will add to your entire residence.

Look In The Attic & Co

Look In The Attic & Co

Bonus Reason

LookInTheAttic & Company sells a wide variety of both Solid Brass and Solid Bronze door hardware – and they stand behind their product. They offer free advice, free shipping and can provide you with a free quote. Check them out online or call them Toll Free 877 544 9887. You can also see them in Romantic Homes Magazine and they have been featured in This Old House, Better Homes and Gardens, Cottages and Bungalows and South Sound magazines.

Choosing Replacement Door Knob Sets for Interior Doors – A Helpful Guide

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Replacing the interior knobs around the home may seem like a simple task at first but as you begin to research the different styles, manufacturers and types available in stores and online, the process may seem slightly daunting. No one wants to choose the “wrong ones” and trying to sort through the different options can be a time consuming task. Organizing your thoughts and taking time to decide in advance what you are looking for will help cut down the time spent going through different options and choosing the style that not only meets your demands but adds value and beauty to your home.

What type of knob do you need?

Knowing and deciding this is the first and foremost task of this project. Before beginning to look at materials or designs know the function. There are four different types of interior door knobs available for interior doors and choosing the right type is very important. Do you need the knob to operate a latch mechanism? Does the door need to lock? Follow the guide below for a brief explanation of the four types of doorknobs available:

Single Dummy Knobs: These consist of a knob on one side of the door. They do not turn or operate a latch mechanism. These are typically used for doors that use a magnetic or ball catch as well as on bi-fold doors.
Double Dummy Knobs: These consist of a knob on each side of the door. They do not turn or operate a latch mechanism. These are typically used on doors that use a magnetic or ball catch or on French doors (opposite a Passage or Privacy set).
Passage Style Knobs: These consist of a pair of knobs that turn and operate a latch mechanism. These are typically used on closet doors, French doors (opposite a Double dummy set) and doors that use a separate deadbolt.
Privacy Style Knobs: These consist of a pair of knobs that turn, operate a latch and can also be locked. These are typically found on Bedroom doors and Bathroom doors. In the event of an emergency, the mechanisms can be unlocked from the outside using a long push pin.

What Material is the Best?

Door knob sets come in a wide variety of materials from stainless steel to glass. Thinner materials will dent and scratch more easily over time and through normal wear and tear (this would include thinner plated metals). Heavy duty materials such as solid brass and cast iron are more resistant to this damage and will ensure higher quality construction. Glass offers a beautiful and historical touch to your doors but does run the risk of breakage when misused.

What Finish Will Match Best?

This depends entirely on what you are attempting to match. Hardware from different manufacturers will vary in appearance (even if the same finish is ordered) so be careful if you are planning to mix and match items from different sources. Use other hardware in the room and around the home as a guide for what finish will match best. If you have a variety of different finishes it is best to choose the dominant finish that will be used in a particular room and match the knob to this finish. Although using the same finish for all the door knobs in your home will help to create a common theme it is not absolutely necessary if finishes in individual rooms varies widely. Some companies offer “mixed finish” door knob sets to help offset this problem.

What Design to Choose?

Choose a pattern that you like and stick with it throughout the home. If a simple roped design works well on your doors it is easy to incorporate this into other areas such as window hardware or cabinets. If your home is an Eastlake design choosing Eastlake style hardware would be an appropriate choice. Research the architectural style of your home for inspiration on designs that will match the existing design elements. There are no strict rules regarding what style needs to be used but there are plenty of options available to inspire a common design.

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