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More From The Pot O’ Gold

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Here is another wonderful piece from our own pot of gold that we were fortunate enough to win in the most recent auction. This piece will be a little harder to market, since it’s more of a specialized piece, but I think the market is big enough that it won’t be too difficult to get a broad audience for it.

After all, flowers have been well loved for centuries, and often has special meaning for a variety of people. The design does limit the versatility of the piece slightly, but opens up several options that weren’t there before. A piece like this, perhaps in a different finish, or even an enamel one, would look absolutely darling in a nursery, or a little girl’s room. It is the type of piece that she probably wouldn’t grow out of, and would make a wonderful accent to the piece to hand down to her daughters or grand daughters one day.

Flower Knob

This would also be a wonderful piece to brighten up an otherwise dull kitchen, bathroom, or even guest bedroom. Floral motifs are becoming increasingly popular, and are extremely easy to accessorize. The trouble with designs like this can be an abundance of items available, and this can lead to an overwhelming feeling, especially when you are trying to find just the right piece to make the room complete, or just the right design to truly match a floral bedspread or curtains.

This piece would also look great on a potting table, or in a gardening shed for anyone that has a love of gardening and flowers. Perhaps they have a space dedicated in their garage just for their hobby and need a sturdy yet whimsical design to compliment it. This flower drawer pull is the perfect accent to finish the space. This will be available in a variety of finishes as well, ensuring the most versatility for it.