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A Warm Welcome

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     Your front door is the welcome you present to all who approach your home. Colorful, traditional, quirky or grand, your style speaks to the world and beckons visitors to enter. Have you taken the time lately to study the message your front door is sending?

After a long brutal winter, your front entry may be showing the effects of weather through rust, tarnish, fading paint or dead plants. With warmer temperatures and sunny days ahead, take time to evaluate your entryway so it shines this spring. Here at Look in the Attic & Company, we have everything you need to dress this area up and welcome your guests in style.

First consider the paint. If the color is fading, or you’re ready for a change, liven up your door with a fresh coat of paint to get this project underway. Many homes feature traditional colors for entry doors, but lately, more personalized and unique door colors seem to be a trend.

Once the paint is dry, continue the updates with new entryway hardware. This traditional oval single-door deadbolt entryway set in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish provides an old-world elegance to your entry and is simple to install.  We offer this complete set with tubular latch mechanisms, strike plates, complete knob sets, internal mechanisms, deadbolts and all mounting hardware. Everything you need for a successful installation is included.


Traditional Oval Single-Door Deadbolt Entryway Set

Next, add new house numbers for easy recognition of your street address. This often overlooked detail is attractive and makes your house stand out. The house number shown is made in solid brass and measures 6 inches tall. This durable solid brass casting comes complete with the mounting hardware and is available in Polished Brass (Shown), Antique Brass, Weathered Flat Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze.


6 Inch Tall Number 1 in Polished Brass

     In addition to those updates, consider adding a new kick plate as well.  Kick plates are a simple eye catching way to make your front entry stand out.  Our kick plates come in a variety of finishes and heights. Our smallest plate is a non-standard 5 inches tall, with a width that can range from 27 to 42 inches. Our largest plate is a substantial 10 inches in height and a width range of 28 to 42 inches. Finishes for the plates offered include Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Antique Nickel, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and more.

Lastly, complete your project with an elegant planter filled with colorful annuals. Look in the Attic & Company provides many choices for that finishing touch as well. We offer an assortment of planters in a variety of colors and styles to festoon your entryway in beautiful blooms. Below are just a few samples of our colorful planters.


Porcelain Floral Planter – Measures 17 Inches Tall with an Antique Bronze Finish Metal Base.

     These featured improvements will declare a warm welcome to friends and neighbors. Let Look in the Attic & Company help with your front entry spring clean up for beautiful and lasting home improvements.


Spring is Finally Here! – Easy Tips to Improve Your Garden

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Outdoor gardening is a popular hobby among many homeowners. Not only is it a relaxing hobby, but it beautifies the outside of the home at the same time. Although the most obvious feature of any garden is the flowers, fruits and vegetables that grow within, there are some great ways to improve the overall appearance with a few simple additions.

Planters, Flower Pots & Plant Stands

Although most gardens are planted directly into the ground there is still a place for large planters and plant (or flower) stands in any garden. This can separate especially delicate plants from dangers such as mingling roots or accidental mowing over and add extra emphasis to any display.

A planter is a large outdoor pot that can hold a wide range of items from small flowers to small trees. Depending on the style preferred, planters come in a variety of materials including terra cotta, plastic, metal, transferware, wood and concrete. The key is to choose a durable material that can withstand changes in temperature and is resistant to weather damage. Planters can be simple and unadorned or have beautiful designs – the choice is entirely up to you!

Plant stands can create a beautiful display and can be a clever way to have “dangling” plants and flowers in the garden. Metal plant stands are a great choice because they can carry a great deal of weight and still be pretty to look at. Plant stands range in size but most have 2 to 4 shelves available for holding small flower pots.

Garden Edging

Utilizing clever garden edging is a unique way to create borders in the garden and protect against being mowed over or trampled upon. A garden edge is created with stones, metal or even plastic pieces that are stuck into the ground. Depending on the theme of your garden a simple line of small rocks could serve this purpose well or (if you like a little whimsy) try adding a cute rabbit border or perhaps some ducks crossing.


Not just for telling which way the wind is blowing anymore! Have you ever thought of installing a small weathervane in the corner (or even the middle) of your garden? It’s a great way to add more detail and can be visually pleasing as well. Most weathervanes come with optional ground stands that can be set on any flat surface.

More Ideas

Other popular choices for enhancing a home garden are adding a small walking path for visitors to know where it is safe to tread and where to stay away. Added charm can be easily achieved with a small archway or metal bench. If you are feeling bold a fountain or pond is a classic addition to many gardens.

Don’t be stuck with a boring garden this year – transform your garden into something spectacular! Don’t be afraid to add more than just flora and fauna to your creation.

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April 5, 2010 at 8:43 pm