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Victorian Cup and Bin Pulls

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     Cup and Bin pulls are a great alternative to traditional drawer pulls and dresser hardware.  If you are tired of the annoying ‘knocking’ sound that often accompanies the opening or closing of a dresser drawer with a more traditional style of hardware, think about trying out this style instead.

decorative cup pull - finished in antique brass

     Cup and Bin pulls offer a more elegant and old-fashioned style of hardware decoration, and are ideal for any type of drawer, particularly those found on dressers and desks.  They are very simple and easy to install and can be a wonderful decorative element in any home.  All you need to replace any of these items is a simple screwdriver; we provide the screws and the pulls themselves.

A fine example of Victorian design work with an oil-rubbed bronze finish.

     You have your choice of several different designs.  Each design was carefully created by master craftsman.  While the items themselves are created in a mold, the molds themselves were delicately hand carved to ensure consistency, with every attention to detail carefully examined.  These pulls allow you to exhibit more detail than traditional swinging handles, and are much more durable.

It is easy to see how a well designed pull can breath new life into an otherwise drab piece of furniture.

     The decoration on the cup is very durable and easy to care for.  A simple swipe of a cloth gets rid of any dust, and depending on what finish you choose there is little more care necessary.  Swinging handles, while very common, are also very cheap.  They are rarely made of a solid metal, and the finish has a tendency to wear down over time.  While the decorative backplate of these designs holds up very well, the worn finish on the handles is very noticeable and cannot be easily replaced.  With cup pulls the design is made so well that it rarely wears down, and if it does it is very hard to notice.


Antique and Victorian Style Door Hinges

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When you hear the word ‘Victorian’ in relation to anything architectural or decorative chances are you mine immediately creates the image of something very elaborate or elaborately decorated.  The Victorian era was filled with people trying to constantly outdo each other when it came to buildings and decorating your home, resulting in flourishes and carving and embellishments on everything possible.  Items that were previously only made very simply, like door hinges and door knobs, were soon exhibiting much more intricate designs.  While some items received more attention to detail than others, particularly larger furniture pieces, it was obvious that attention was being paid to every item now instead of just a select few.

Ball Tip Hinge

Ball Tip Hinge

Door hinges were always something that was seen as nothing more than a functional necessity in homes, and no one ever really thought to add any sort of design element to them.  Fortunately someone soon realized how much of an improvement a little detail could make in a home and started decorating every piece of hardware, particularly door hinges.

Steeple Tip Hinge

Steeple Tip Hinge

The trick of the hinges is that the designs that were so carefully carved and embossed on them could only be seen when the doors are open, which leads people to have a more open and inviting home.  The more decorative hinges someone has in their home, the friendly and more generous they were thought to be.

Antique Brass East Lake Hinge

Antique Brass East Lake Hinge

Show your friends and loved ones how friendly and generous you are by switching out your plain door hinges with these more elaborate Victorian ones.  They add a touch of elegance to even the most modestly decorated home, and blend in with any decorating style.  They are available in several different finishes, making them easy to match with any current hardware you have in your home.  As always, we include any mounting hardware you will need to ensure that these match your home perfectly.

Colonial Coat Hooks

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When you think of the colonial time period, many people will picture hand-crafted items, from tables and chairs to dressers and bed frames.  Tools were hand-forged out of cast iron, and the time and care it took to create these items can be seen in every strike of the hammer and anvil.

Cast iron is the metal of choice when it came to creating everything from door handles and furniture hardware to pots and pans and stoves and everything in between.  These were generally very simple designs, which still took hours to make despite the simplicity.  The metal would have to be constantly heated, cooled, and re-heated between strikes to ensure its strength and durability as well as to create just the right angles for everything.

Coat hooks were one thing created from cast iron that could be decorative, but nothing too elaborate.  Single hook designs were much more common than double hooks, and the backplate, or piece that attached to the wall, was often the decorative element.  Designs were usually just shapes, such as hearts, diamonds and spades, and would either be a solid piece or just an outline.

The strength of the hooks may seem to vary based on the thickness, but the fact of the matter is that these hooks were crafted so precisely that they can hold immense amounts of weight, even if it doesn’t seem that way.  There is one double hook option available, and it is very delicate in appearance but still quite strong.  If you are more interested in a hook that shows its strength while still being decorative, try one of the scroll hook designs.

The hooks vary in size, and can add the perfect touch of style and functionality to any home or business and will last for generations.  We include the necessary cast iron screws to securely attaché these to any wall.

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August 3, 2011 at 2:09 pm

Not Your Average Piece of Junk

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It’s been awhile since we’ve featured any door knockers. We don’t want everyone to think that we specialize in just drawer pulls and knobs. We actually pride ourselves in being able to supply our customers with a wide variety of antique and replica pieces from around the world. We want to give everyone the opportunity to capture the old world classic feel without always having to pay an exorbitant price.

While sometimes it seems like we feature more of one type of piece than another, most times it is because it is what we are really and truly excited about showing to you. True, there are certain items, like drawer pulls, that we do seem to feature more of, but that’s mainly because they are so abundant. These types of pieces account for a good third of our stock, but that’s also because they account for the same, if not more, in homes. Just think of how many dressers and cabinets you have in your house compared to doors, mailboxes, light fixtures, etc.

Rusty Drawer Handle

This piece is no exception. Yes, it’s another drawer pull and yes it needs a really good cleaning, but take a good look at it. You can tell that this piece was handmade by the simple craftsmanship that went in to it. There is a great amount of detail work on the back piece of it, which makes it a gorgeous accent to any piece of furniture. The assembly, where the handle itself attaches to the rest of the piece, is nothing more than a simple loop of metal to hold it in place. Unlike many modern pieces that may come in two, three, or four parts, this simple one piece construction sets it apart from its more modern counterparts.

We really like how the dark of the rust sets of the piece, and while we won’t use rust a finish, we will used oiled bronze as well as copper and probably cast iron as well. Let us know what you think?

Out of the Attic – 1830 Very Old Door Handles

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This next piece has been sitting in the attic probably longer than any other piece.  We pull it out from time to time when we need to take our mind of things and clean, really clean, something, but it never seems to make it further than that.

These door handles were discovered in the attic of an old home and had long been forgotten.  At one time, the home belonged to my great grandfather’s brother – or so I had been told.  Unfortunately, the home was neglected for years, and fell into disrepair.  It ended up being sold to a couple who loved the home, and were very interested in  restoring the home to its former glory.

Most of the things in the attic and the basement ended up in my warehouse, and were the first members of what has now become fondly referred to as the attic.  We never really had any plans for these pieces, but I think now may be the time to really pay attention to some of them.  These door handles, even though you can’t really tell right now, are solid brass, and would be the perfect addition to any home.

Attic Door Handles

They are original to my grandfather’s brother’s home, and were installed on the doors to the dining room.  There are many pictures in my grandfather’s photo albums from many different holiday dinners.  His brother’s home was the largest in the family, and by default was used for all of the family gatherings.  The new owners of the home have already expressed interest in viewing some of these pictures so that they can get a better idea of how the home used to look.

We have already promised them the first set once we really clean these up so that we can replicate them.  It will probably take us the better part of two weeks to completely clean off all of the dirt and grime that has built up, but I know that all the hard work and effort will really pay off to bring out the beauty of these door handles.

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February 7, 2011 at 4:50 pm

Life Saving Dresser

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We had a great trip to Louisiana, and are really pleased with all of the recovery effort that is still ongoing.  We are very proud that we had the opportunity to be a part of it, and of all the great work and stories that we were able to bring back with us.  Even though it was an absolutely devastating time in our nation’s history, the overall outcome of so many people working together to help build it back up is extraordinary.   It’s inspiring to see so many people from so many different backgrounds helping each other toward a common goal.  The stories that have moved people to be here are heartbreaking and prideful in every way.

LS Front View


There was one woman there who’s story nearly broke my heart.  She was young, in her early twenties, when the storm hit, but was married with three children.  Her home was hit early on by the storm, and suffered a tremendous amount of damage.  Unfortunately, it was not only her home that was torn apart.  Her husband, in a desperate attempt to ensure his wife and childrens’ safety, nearly lost his own life.  He made every effort possible to flag down a boat to take his family to safety from the roof of their home, and did so by climbing on top of an wooden dresser and paddling along until he found help.  With his family safe, he took it upon himself to check on his neighbors to make sure they got the help they needed.

LS Side View

As a result, nearly the entire neighborhood survived, but her husband ended up on a list of the missing.  For nearly four months after she relocated herself and the children to stay with family in Atlanta, she had no idea where her husband was despite her search attempts.  He was eventually located in a hospital in Atlanta, and had been listed as a John Doe.  Rescue workers had found him unconscious on a dresser.  He remained in the hospital for another month, and though he has some neurological problems is on the road to recovery.  The dresser he clung to was lost, but he held on with such force to one of the handles that the recovery team had to remove it to get him to let go of the dresser.  Before leaving for home, this woman presented us with the drawer handle to replicate with the promise of sharing her story as well.

LS Front View 2

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January 25, 2011 at 1:46 pm

Elaborate Brass Door Plate

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This is another great find from the California market, a third stall that we found.  Actually, it’s part of a set, but we’re still cleaning up the other piece and will have it up to show you shortly.  Remember how we were talking about how rare it was to find a matching set?  Well we were lucky enough to find one at the flea market; you really can find everything there, no matter the rarity!

This door plate was probably quite expensive, judging by the degree of embellishments on it, and the fact that it is bronze.  Bronze is a much more expensive metal than copper or brass, especially when it is over 100 years old.  People didn’t have money back then like they do today, and definitely don’t spend as much money decorating their homes like in today’s society.  Any time we find a piece as elaborately decorated like this, we can only imagine where it came from.

Antique Brass Door Plate

We absolutely hit the jackpot with this one though.  Not only was it a matching set that we found, but we were also fortunate enough to find out the history behind the pieces.  The people that rented out the stall were an older couple who prided themselves in their antiques, but wanted to get rid of some of the surplus.  They had come into most of them through relatives, and this particular set was the wife’s grandmothers.  She said she remembered it on her grandmother’s front door when she was a little girl.

Her grandmother had married into a wealthy family, and her husband sensing his wife’s love of decorating, allowed her a hefty budget to decorate the home however she liked.  She had splurged on a gorgeous front door, and had chosen this door plate and coordinating door knob to be the crowning jewel for the door.  Sometimes the stories behind the hardware are just as interesting as the hardware itself.

We’ll show you the doorknob very soon, so hang tight!

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November 8, 2010 at 4:19 pm